Cool Animate-made background…

Here’s another update from Lili and Eddie on their latest animation using the appropriately titled Animate (by Toon Boom). Pretty slick looking!

before after effects in Animate

Same scene: Before and after rendering

By the way, I’m prepping another (free) tutorial on Animate very soon! Here’s a link to the last lesson if you didn’t see it.


3 thoughts on “Cool Animate-made background…

  1. Andre Barnwell says:

    Very Cool. thanks for the tutorials. im still getting used to Animate. Theres so much you can do in it. I’m impressed.

  2. bob lance says:

    Iam a46 year old man and i am very interested in all toon boom products it is very hard to draw with the mouse so i use different pictures that i import in wll ido not know what order to do things in animate is there any videos that i can watch to learn to do thins right i could not download your thing on it it trys to open with adobe and says icould not open file could you give me help thanks

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