Holy Flash Panorama! I’m inside Michael Jackson’s Arcade

This is easily the best and most detailed Flash panoramic movie I’ve seen yet. Do it justice and blow this up to as large as your monitor can stand! You can jump to at least 12 points (those circles in the images below) to spin around 360 degrees from each section. Also whoever programmed this did an excellent job, even including zoom in/out hotkeys (shift and the Apple key, probably Ctrl on the PC) or your mouse scroll wheel. Plus you can right click and jump to each section from there as well, which is a little easier to see everything in order.

Anyone down for a scavenger hunt. You have 3 minutes to find…

  1. The slushie/ice cream machine
  2. The sign to the Men’s room
  3. Han Solo in carbonite
  4. And at least three “please Do Not Touch”.
  5. A playstation 1!

360 degree tour of Michael Jackson's arcade

Flash tour of Michael Jackson's Arcade

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