New CartoonSmart Tutorials!

CartoonSmart tutorials

Okay, finally got my stuff together to release these new lessons after a dry spell of non-newness. Also this month we’re selling two more templates from my old student Tibi. He sells both these templates for quite a bit more on other component/template sites, so he’s really doing us a solid by offering them at CartoonSmart so cheap. This one template in particular usually sells for $50, and its an amazing little piece of web design machinery. You get the .fla’s with his templates, but you could create an entire site from that download without ever opening Flash. Check out all the XML tags on the sales page and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.

About the lessons this month!… I taught the Time in Flash, and Visitor Counter tutorials and my special teams guy Manu (my doppleganger from France) stepped up and taught the Papervision3D lesson. And after watching the tutorial myself, I realized its much simpler than I thought it would be. I figured it would be tons of complicated math with polygons and whatnot, but its not. So don’t feel intimated. There’s some really fantastic things you can do with Papervision and this will be Manu’s first of many lessons on it.

What else? Anyone have any tutorial requests for next month?


6 thoughts on “New CartoonSmart Tutorials!

  1. William says:

    Requests for next month? How about some Toon Boom Animate tutorials? I know the customer base for Animate is a lot smaller than for Flash but also the available tutorials for Animate are almost non-existant. And the ones that are out there are experimental and not complete lessons in using the software.

    If you could put together a series of Animate tutorials as solid as the ones you did for learning Flash, I am sure there would be a market for them. Why not set the Gold Standard for working in Animate?

    Appologies for not buying your Flash tutorials this month but I am getting away from Flash and its limitations and getting more into animation for film and video with Toon Boom. And since Animate renders out into .SWF, then why do I need Flash anymore?

  2. Adam says:

    I’m always a fan of the gaming tutorials, so my requests would be along those lines. I remember you mentioned a while back that you were thinking of doing a chess project for Flex Builder, did you ever get started with that? A board games tutorial would be quite cool. Any other gaming tutorials on the horizon?

    The Papervision3D one looks cool, gonna get them all this weekend. It’s good to hear that there’ll be more of those. Oh and I stumbled on another framework that looks cool and I thought you might be interested in, it’s called Gaia, – it’s for rapid development of Flash sites.

  3. Elektric says:

    Hey Justin,
    I would really like to see Mike Mac doing some more cartooning in Illustrator — backgrounds perhaps? And you definitely should jump on the Photoshop tutorial bandwagon — maybe get in touch with Nik Ainley (google shinybinary) or Justin Maller for some uber content. And why hasn’t your buddy from BlamBot done an Illustrator lettering and logo tutorial?

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