Start the week off right, with some VERY cool animation…

Galactic MailThis comes from Asterokid, a French animator (based in London). And as you maybe can tell from the screengrabs I picked, the plot of this short but sweet piece involves an army of FedEx-ers duking it out against team UPS to deliver a package. From space. Why? Who knows, maybe so a lowly animator can get the attention of two of the biggest companies on the planet. Hopefully it worked. I’d love to see either FedEx or UPS start using clips of this brawl in their commercials. Maybe they could do like a Marvel vs DC crossover thing…I won’t hold my breath for that though. Although my dad tell me he read somewhere that when a Lowes and Home Depot are built right next to each other, sales at both stores are better than those at isolated stores. Think that over. Hrmm…

Galactic Mail

And check out , where you can see more from  Douglas er Asterokid, like this other awesome man-slammin’ animation, called Sigg Jones

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