NYT sez Flash equals cash… Plus a free Joomla lesson!

Good news for me and my peoples. Here’s an article from the New York Times talking about the hottest freelance jobs right now. This is based on Elance.com’s data which, news to me, has a “Movers and Shakers” type index for tracking this stuff. So here’s a look at what’s on top…

the Elance Online Work Index Top 10 for July.
PHP (–)
Graphic Design (+10)
Adobe Flash (+6)
MySQL (-1)
HTML (-1)
Web Content (+1)
Article Writing (-5)
Joomla! (+10)
CSS (-4)
WordPress (-2)

The Elance Online Work Index Top 10 for July.

  1. PHP (–)
  2. Graphic Design (+10)
  3. Adobe Flash (+6)
  4. MySQL (-1)
  5. HTML (-1)
  6. Web Content (+1)
  7. Article Writing (-5)
  8. Joomla! (+10)
  9. CSS (-4)
  10. WordPress (-2)

Strange, jobs that involve playing Call of Duty or Warcraft all day weren’t in the top 10. Also interesting is that apparently there’s a lot of work for Joomla developers. AND I’ve had on my desktop for over a year now, a lengthy Joomla tutorial that I’ve considered unsell-able because it didn’t pass quality control. And the instructor kinda went MIA on me, so instead of waiting another year for him to redo it, I’ll just release it now on Vimeo.  Now the teaching in the lesson isn’t bad at all, but the screencapture came out very fuzzy. You’ll see what I mean if you download the Quicktime version. Somehow the top is kinda crisp and the middle is all fuzzed out.  And also half of the screen real estate is the instructor’s browser. A year ago I showed this to a couple people to ask what they thought and the best reply back was “what is this, a tutorial in Firefox toolbars?”

Anyway, hopefully this won’t look too bad on Vimeo… Joomla Tutorial “Beer Goggles Edition” Stream it or download the QT version (look for the link in the bottom right after the jump)

Free Joomla Tutorial


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