One more reason to join Twitter: To meddle… And tools to.

So a couple weeks ago I installed TweetDeck which is a great AIR app to take up an entire second monitor. If Twitter were a car, TweetDeck would be a giant dashboard: lots of stuff you rarely look at while driving. But even a little peripheral distraction into the twitter network is a lot better than what I was doing before , which was pretty much ignoring it entirely.  I have my tweets set up through which just publishes my blog titles and adds a link. So I wasn’t really logging onto Twitter before, and definitely not paying attention to anyone else. For shame I know. But TweetDeck has changed that a lot. I have some search filters set for terms like “Adobe Flash” or “Toon Boom” so I can listen in on what others are saying about things I might want to chime in on. And of course there’s a column for Friends tweets, Direct Messages, etc. Anyway, I’m not trying to sell you on downloading a totally free program, but just FYI, if you do,  I’m a little more reachable now on Twitter.


Which brings me to my meddling. I found an artist, Ian Merch (here’s his portfolio site) and I noticed he was pondering on his blog whether to go with a pro font lettering for his webcomic, or hand draw out the lettering. So I had to chime in. Hand-lettering is really tough to pull off I think. I’ve seen a lot of webcomic artists try, and rarely does it look good. Or legible.  I suggested trying Artbrush Medium, which Ian is using now. Artbrush is a great font, and anyone reading this blog has seen it a few times, as its the lettering for “CARTOON” in the logo.

Anyway, in exchange for inserting my not-so-humble opinion into Ian’s world, I promised I’d give him internet fame for a day. So check out his work!…

Ian Merch Illustration


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