Huge Discount Code for Toon Boom Animate sent to my newsletters subscribers

Thats all I can say here. Check your email for the code!

If you read this and aren’t subscribed to the newsletter, just email me , message me on Twitter, or comment below with an address I can email you at.

22 thoughts on “Huge Discount Code for Toon Boom Animate sent to my newsletters subscribers

  1. Argh!! Thats realy cool! And I thought I made a good price deal, when I bought it for 599.- $ on their first “special offer”-promotion. If I had known, that there would be such a good deal like this, I wish I had waited with buying Animate until now. Especially because I had no time to work with it until now. Well, now I’ ve learned it’s not allways good to be the first. 😉

    But for this price I think about buying it once again. 😉

  2. Ranoka says:

    Hey Justin, I’d be interested in getting a promo code!
    I’ve subscribed to your news letter a few times, but seems they’re not making it into my inboxes anymore. I subscribed to your blog instead.

    I tried to send a message on twitter but it’s acting funny for me, my user name on there is Ranoka. Or send an email to the address I used in the post.

    Many thanks, and I read all your blog posts, even If I don’t comment often!

  3. Scott Palmer says:

    Hey Justin,
    Could you send me an e-mail with the code please i always read this blog! I have been holding out to see which toon boom to buy (Animate or Pro) but for this price i feel Animate has won the race ha. Thanx! Please keep posting cause you help out loads! e-mail me at :

  4. James says:

    This actually really sucks for me. I have toomboom studio commerical and it is the same price for me to crossgrade as to buy new.

    how is that fair 😦

  5. Richard Larose says:

    Thinking about getting back to animation, but still shopping for good, not too pricy software. Send me the code maybe i’ll try it.
    PS, loved the Toon Boom tutorial.
    Richard Larose
    Montréal, Canada

  6. Peter says:

    Is the coupon still valid? It’d be awesome if you could mail me the code?

    Thank you so much!


  7. Hey!

    I am also very interested in getting a hold of that discount code. I’ve been looking to use something other than flash to animate with, and i like ToonBoom material in the past!

    Thanks in advance!


  8. Mark says:

    Please, I am very interested about Animate , PLEASE, please, send coupon code for Animate I am excited to check it out !

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