Adobe sez, Keep it legal, dawg

Here’s an interesting little micro-site that Adobe created in the hopes of converting non-believers in legal software. Its kind of a NES-era Zelda-ish RPG. Well done, and the sounds in it are 50% of the fun (like all good animation/games!)

Adobe's Programmeville

Annnnd here comes my editorial: I’m obviously a big proponent of legally owning your software. Just like owning up to paying your energy bill, a cup of coffee, your car. Even illegal things should be paid for properly. Which most people know!! Once a week someone will email me asking to hook them up with Adobe software for free. The most recent exchange went exactly like this…

Some dude: “Yo, hook me up wit  CS4 for freeee. I rally need it. lol”

Me:  “You’re asking someone that sells e-products to distribute someone else’s stuff for free. Are you high?”

Some dude’s reply: “lol, yeah”

Me: “Well did you steal your pot from your dealer or pay for it”

Some dude’s other reply: “lol. I see”

Through all that laughing-out-loud, this guy understood my point (maybe).  In the “real” world, very few people would dare steal from someone else stealing or engaging in illegal behavior. A guy steals a car and wants to sell it to you. Is it okay to rob him? It would be karmic, but it would probably get you shot if you tried. But for some reason, people get in a huff, when it comes to their “right” to steal share stuff digitally. I understand being broke, and not wanting to pay for something, and unfortunately nothing will change that. Not anything I can see, or Adobe’s clever little site above. So really the point is… uh, screw it, there is no point. Play with that website. Its cool. =)


7 thoughts on “Adobe sez, Keep it legal, dawg

  1. Kris says:

    I’ll be completely honest here, man. 100%. When i first started doing your lessons (many years ago, now!) I had a friend get me a ripped copy of flash and dreamweaver.

    Now, i know that this is bad. Very bad. And being a musician, I should know about the wrongs of stealing stuff. But if I hadn’t got that bit of moody software, i’d never have the opportunity to go ahead and learn, and make money. I always had the intent that when I made enough money, i’d go ahead and buy a sincere version (which I eventually did).

    These products are stupidly expensive to the average joe. Especially if the average joe has no idea if he’s going to be able to make money back from the product. IF it was a little bit cheaper (this was beofre their unemployment scheme) it would have made it easier for me to have got a copy, instead of me doing it the other way round.

    Not everyone has the money. And whilst people are pirating, and offering this stuff, people will take advantage of it.

    I’m happy I now have my legit version. But there is no way I could have got it, if I hadn’t got a moody copy, first.

    Just like to mention that I don’t pirate stuff. This was a big thing for me, so that’s why I got a friend to do it. The only thing I have pirated was a primus album from napster, back in ’98. I had brought it on cd three times already, and scratched it all those times. That was it.

    I know. I’m going to hell.

  2. Tom says:

    For me file sharing definitely has it’s place…it’s just there is a line. Without pirated software a lot of teenagers wouldn’t get into things like Flash, learn their chops and then make a profession out of it. The problem for me is when you are using pirated software for your profession. It’s a double edged sword really because companies obvious lose money to piracy, but at the same time many consumers start as thieves and would otherwise never use and then end up buying their products and would never become life long customers.

  3. schwiz says:

    if adobe wants people to keep it legal they should offer licensees at affordable prices to those not in industry. Until then the average home user with the know-how isn’t going to pony up 2 grand to buy their product.

  4. Well Schwiz, Adobe does offer educational licensing which is a huge savings from the normal price. Same exact programs, no restrictions or watermarking, but you’re on the “honor system” to not use the software for commercial purposes. Educational pricing is available to students (of all ages) and even teachers. And probably 90% of households have either a teacher in the family or someone enrolled in gradeschool, high school, college, or heck, even a night class would probably qualify. So Adobe does make it VERY easy to pay less if you aren’t going to be using their products for industrial purposes.

  5. vishal says:

    I wish Adobe would offer a ‘student’ version that would in fact export files with a watermark. This would help people like schwiz who just want to learn to use the software and also prevent folks from using this student version for commercial projects.

  6. Ranoka says:

    There are alternatives for doing Flash than using Flash Professional CS4. Adobe released the Flex SDK as free open source, so you can do ActionScript 3 and Flex for free without Flash Professional. You can use free open source IDE’s like Flash Develop. Flex let’s you embed different assets like images, .swf and audio via the code, so you can do that instead of using Flash.

    There are alternative programs that you can use to create animation that export as .swf, such as AnimeStudio, which they were giving away free recently, but is really cheap to buy. And you can use programs like Audacity for audio and Gimp for image editing for free.

    So there are ways of doing stuff in Flash without Flash Professional. It certainly can help having Flash Professional and know the tool to get jobs and work with other people. There is always the 30 day trial, and if you work hard you could make a Flash game/animation that you can sell to raise the money to pay for Flash Professional.

    If you are a student, use some of your loan on getting student licenses, or ask your parents to get the software as a present and tell them how it’s an investment in your future.

    Anyway, it’s easy to have a black and white view on expensive software piracy. But I reckon a lot of people ‘borrow’ the programs until they can afford to get them legitimately and pretend/lie that they didn’t do it (doesn’t mean you should or have to).

    Of course there are also the people that take pride in the fact they never pay for software and make fun of people who do for being losers who waste their money. I’d just ignore them…

    FYI, I have bought Flash Pro in the past, but chose not to upgrade to CS4 because I believe it’s a bad release for animation, and I don’t code in Flash Pro, maybe CS5 will be better.

    I would certainly advise people who have CS3 to spend the upgrade money on a different program like ToonBoom Animate since you’ll spend most of your time in CS4 avoiding the new features and using it like CS3 anyway. You’ll gain more by spending the money on a new tool.

    If Adobe is reading this, please focus on making Flash Pro more stable and less buggy/crash prone and improve the performance instead of adding new useless features that are half implemented and useless for real world projects!

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