Oh creepy, I saw my first Cube yesterday

…Nissan Cube that is. This isn’t a car blog, but it is a design blog. And there’s something very off about these cars. Since you’re usually looking at the ass-end of cars, lets take a look at a couple examples from that perspective. This first pic is straight from Nissan’s Cube site . This is probably the best it will ever look. Nice , glossy, and cleaned up for the site. Does the license read “ASHTRAY”?… Oh no, “ASYMTRY”.

Nissan Cube

Next up, the street example. This looks more like the car I saw. Not in a showroom or website, its just an odd car on the road. Kinda like a Cylon’s head. See what I mean…

I’m definitely not against playing around a little conceptually but even without the asymmetrical back, this car is just too boxy. So its a fail for me, but Nissan at least tried something new. It does make me wonder when asymmetry works. And as a designer you might want to consider the same.  I did see some concept car pics a few weeks ago that looked awesome, and were very uneven. But maybe the concept part, of a non-driveable car, is artificially hyping the design for me. Click the pics below for article

Google concept car


3 thoughts on “Oh creepy, I saw my first Cube yesterday

  1. sprfrkr says:

    I like the rendering at the corp site, but the real thing is hideous! It looks so much smoother on their site than in the bottom pic. The thing is a mess! The rain gaurds on the windows ruin what little flowing lines it had. Ack!

  2. Saw on at the Cobb Galleria the other day outside of ChowBaby.
    Looks like one of those “future cars” at Epcot Center.

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