My Personal Reply to a Spammer

I hope I get a response (big image below)…
reply to spam


6 thoughts on “My Personal Reply to a Spammer

  1. My website ends in a .info for my webcomic, does that mean I’m not legitimate? .info was cheaper at the time, .com later on.

  2. Heh, oh I was kidding of course. But if that dot com is available you should register it like tonight. Before someone reads this and decides they are willing to pay $6 a year to see if your comic ends up being big enough to charge you 2 grand for it in the future. Use Godaddy

  3. I already have a .com, I just don’t plan on using it for the webcomic. If my comic does become big, I’ll just move it over to my .com and problem solved. Redirect from the .info as well, and no one can scam me into paying 2 grand for it.

    I already have GoDaddy.

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