Silverlight, Sony, Flash, TV, iPlayer, & GPU acceleration to the nut!

… this article has it all! And between all those brandnames & techno-droppings,  the people at Crave, a gadget blog, have had their Silverlight spell wear off a little bit. So says their recent article titled, Adobe: We can conquer the world with Flash . Amazing what one technical evangelist can do.

I’ve been hearing for years that Silverlight will kill Flash, and I guess that has a nice ring to it (boys love the sound of utter destruction), but if anything these two platforms will co-exist for a decade or so. Snubbing each other in the hallways at worst. Here’s two big reasons why:

  • Laziness. Microsoft underestimates just how lazy us developers can be. If we’ve learned how to do one thing really well one way, like build a fancy interactive website, why would we switch over and learn something else from scratch.
  • And at least for now, there’s now Silverlight development tools on the Mac. Unlike Adobe which of course which has the exact some programs for both Windows and the Mac. Now Macs don’t even have 20% of the overall worldwide computer market share, but Macs have been well-seated in the design communities since their birth. In fact, all those years when Apple wasn’t doing well, it was designers and graphic artists that were the ones still buying a mac. And you won’t find hardcore (or even softcore) Mac people switching over to use a PC to develop Silverlight. If Microsoft really wants it to catch on they need to convince the developers, not the users. They’ll get plenty of new users during the next Olympics when a big site like NBC forces millions to download the plugin. It won’t convert millions of developers though.

God I love bullet points. Even just two. Anyway, Crave should have titled their article: Adobe: We already conquered, now we send out people to talk about it.


3 thoughts on “Silverlight, Sony, Flash, TV, iPlayer, & GPU acceleration to the nut!

  1. Sliverlight blows.
    I downloaded the plug-in on my Mac one day because I was forced to and it never worked correctly. After 5 min I uninstalled it.

    MS needs to stick with what they do best, Word and Excel.

  2. I don’t even know how to say this but I REALLY HATE MICROSOFT.

    The only way they will “conquer” is as usual by throwing a load sh.. of money all over the place… I don’t see why I could switch , I mean common flash is not just video, take a look at how many cool websites are made in flash and even cooler applications.

    I’ve not seen nothing impressive in silvercrap and I can’t imagine an artist(animator) working with something like that.

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