“Big Ern is above the law!!” (and can put tweets into .swfs!)

…is how I feel right now. Just got done cramming tweets into Flash for an upcoming tutorial on, duh, Twitter and Flash. It wasn’t the hardest thing in the world, since it mostly involves parsing XML, but then ya gotta spice it up and make links clickable, show user images, make them clickable. And the latest stumbling block was parsing the feeds for searching Twitter. Which was a little different then just bringing in a single user’s feed (wanna see the XML for mine, click here)  or the public timeline (also XML ).  Those were easy to deal with. It was this .atom file type that was a problemo. If you want to search Twitter and bring those tweets in you use this…


See that .atom. Grrrrrrr.  But see that q=flash part above. Thats the search term. And you can combine terms, or narrow them down. Heck, before I lose this open browser window, here’s a whole page of Twitter search operators.

So if you’re looking for an exact phrase like  “happy hour”  sent within 15 miles of “NYC”. It should look like…

http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=”happy hour”&near:NYC&within:15mi

See how useful that might be in a swf, where you can customize exactly how it looks, etc, etc. Well, I’ll have a tutorial sooooooon!!!


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