I’m studying, really actually studying this time!

I have to admit my last foray into learning Objective C for iPhone programming was, er, half-hearted at best. Ever since the app store opened I’ve really wanted to create (and sell) something, but my humble Actionscript skills didn’t immediately give me a good grasp of Obj C.

Well I have in my hands (or computer) a brand new tutorial for CartoonSmart taught by the incredible Jeremy Hicks. He’s taught some After Effects courses for us, sounds a bit like Edward Norton. That guy. Well he’s created for me a fantastic 2-part course that first compares Actionscript to Obj C. Which is VERY helpful. I now feel like I’m starting to really get it. ¬†And the next half of the tutorial focuses on really creating an app (its a simple clock app, so don’t think you’ll be submitting that to the app store for big monies).

Anyway, here’s my schedule this week. I’m gonna tear through the rest of this lesson. Yes, I usually do screen these tutorials before selling them (when I don’t create them myself). Sometimes I’ll breeze through them though and just make sure the instructor doesn’t accidently record himself cussing out the dog. But this lesson I’m really taking notes on and doing it right. So in a couple days I’ll have this lesson for sale, and then I’m hoping to lead a little CartoonSmart community in the forums for everyone else getting their bearings with iPhone programming. Not that I know much, but I’ll at least have watched this lesson first!

One major thing that has been helping me take notes, I picked up a Mac program called Snippet. You can view the author’s demo video below. This application has been incredibly helpful for saving code and commenting it with my own twisted ways of understanding things. Actually its so cool I’ve gone back through a lot of my Actionscript tutorials and grabbed lines of code that I haven’t memorized to store in Snippet as well.

Also since this is a Mac-only program, if anyone has Windows and some suggestions for similar code-handy apps, feel free to endorsify them below. Apparently there are plenty of apps like this.


8 thoughts on “I’m studying, really actually studying this time!

  1. Tylor says:

    I have been using Text Expander and LOVE it! I already saved a total of 2 hours typing (according to the little timer that comes installed with it).

    It’s the same concept as Snippet but with Text Expander, each code snippet has a unique name. When you type that name the text automatically pops up. Its really nice and I wold definitely give it a try!

    Here’s where I first heard of it, along with a little video demo. http://net.tutsplus.com/videos/screencasts/how-i-can-code-twice-as-fast-as-you/

  2. That sounds like a great lesson, I know a lot of people are moving over from Actionscript to Objective-C… As far as the other goes, it’s not *quite* as handy, but I use Evernote to keep up with snippits of things, and it works on pc/mac/linux and even the iPhone, or with a web client. So you can copy from anywhere and get to it from just about anywhere.

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