Two new lessons today: Basic iPhone App Training and a cool Boulder Dodge Game!

Phew, what a week. My head is full of Obj-C, and I want to cram more in there this weekend, so its time to stop hording this new training all to myself…

For Mac-peeps only, this new iPhone App lesson. We do have another one for sale on the site, but this latest lesson is much more basic, so its like what Batman Begins is to those Michael Keaton Batman movies. We’re starting the saga over. And this app tutorial makes a lot of comparisons to the basics of Actionscript. So if you know AS, you’re in great shape. If you don’t know Actionscript, you’ll still be fine, in fact, you’ll get even more bang for your buck. This lesson is taught by Jeremy Hicks, who you might recognize from some of the After Effects lessons on the site.

The other new tutorial is a Flash gaming lesson, but the main focus is on proper object oriented programming with Actionscript 3. You can see the finished game on the sale page, it might look familiar to Asteroids. Total coincidence though. =) This lesson is taught by Tristan Ward, a rising star in e-learning. He’s very funny, and put a ton more work into this tutorial than I thought possible. Wait till you see some of the infographics he’s included.

And yes, I did NOT teach either of this month’s lessons. Why?? Because I certainly can’t teach an iPhone lesson yet, and this new Flash gaming tutorial actually goes into some OOP concepts that were new to me. I’m more of a do-it-all on the timeline coder, so this strictly-Classes-only lesson was a pretty informative one for me. And by the way,  going back and forth between reviewing Jeremy and Tristan’s tutorials was a good companion set of training (thats a not-so-subtle hint to buy them both).

Oh and master programmer (and former student) Tibi from FWD has offered another one of his templates to us at a deep discount compared to some of the other sites he sells at. Check out the latest offering here.

Iphone Objective C and Actionscript 3


3 thoughts on “Two new lessons today: Basic iPhone App Training and a cool Boulder Dodge Game!

  1. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND the OOP tutorial , I’ve read a couple of books on this concept and I can say that the instructor is doing an amazing job explaining OOP and it is doing this step by step this way any beginner can understand it, again don’t hesitate to get this it is the only tutorial that I’ve seen that can be learned by beginners and get something from it..


  2. Jay Reina says:

    OPP Tutorial is amazing!!!

    i finish tutorial and i feel like an expert.

    I cannot say enough good things about the OOP tutorial … I feel like this guy really understands my frustrations. I have plenty of books and plenty of knowledge but the way he explains makes all the difference in the world and the way he helps you so you can get your answers in the future.
    The presentation was unbelievable! A++
    Simplicity and concepts! A++
    He’s attention to details! A++
    Best ever tutorial by Cartoon smart!!!

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