Subtle but excellent use of 3D in a Flash interface!…

This Watchmen site obviously is old news to some since its probably been online for a year now, but its a new discovery to me. Skip on past the intro (or watch it if you have time) and click on Gallery. You’ll see something like the screencap below which does zero justice to how well done this gallery is. The 3D interface isn’t over-the-top, and how its rigged to change with the mouse isn’t obnoxious. I’ve seen some mouse-oriented interfaces that are programmed in such way that you feel like a dog chasing its tail after a while. Although I did notice one problem,  yuppies like me with 2 monitors can send the interface into a death spin if I take my mouse over to the other monitor. This probably could have been prevented with an if statement that just limited their rotation equation beyond a certain amount.

3D flash interface

This Flash-niftyness is probably done using Papervision3D, and apparently CartoonSmart’s next lesson on that will be creating a 3D menu.  I give my instructor Manu free reign to teach whatever he thinks ya’ll need learning next, so I haven’t seen exactly what the menu looks like, but it sounds cool from what he says. Here’s a link to his first Papervision lesson, which I guess I need to watch again if I’m going to redesign all of CartoonSmart to look as cool as this Watchmen site (sigh…pipe dreams)


5 thoughts on “Subtle but excellent use of 3D in a Flash interface!…

  1. Papervision3D?! Where have I been? Just like you and the Watchmen site, this is news to me. Needless to say, a few of my students will be all over this!

  2. Jay says:

    So I was looking at the video quite cool …but I notice something when i get to the home page…
    I can hit a custom full screen option that makes the page take over the whole screen. .. How can I do that in flash build website?

  3. Stti says:

    Hey, probably this isn’t the place to ask this but I want to learn flash from your tutorials but I don’t know where to start, can you give me a hint? Which tutorials should I download? Please I would appreciate your help very much.

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