HBO created a suh-weet Flash micro-site for which if its shows? The answer is…

Check it out, a dedicated True Blood Flash site. And its worth noting here because of one very interesting, and undoubtably un-easy bit of navigation. All might seem normal at first, but mouse over to the left, and the  poster-ish layout of characters moves aside for another group highlighting the previous episode’s key cast. And the fun doesn’t stop till you’re all the way back at Episode 1. Sound like no biggie? Just more programmed tweens in a Flash site? Well, I wouldn’t want to be the guy that had to figure out the layering and code for each new week. And beyond just cutting out each character (also not fun), the designer added some nice lighting in Flash too.

Flash micro site is navigationally interesting

Even the Sopranos never broke out of’s very narrow 2 or 3 column design to receive their own mini-site, so this show must be doing well…. I can’t wait to see Jason Stackhouse tool up with a chainsaw in these last few episodes. If your DVR cut short the preview, check it out in the final 10 seconds on YouTube. Looks like the show is heading for an Evil Dead style showdown.


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