Bart Simpson “officially” allowed to be black!

I know some of my visitors were too young to remember when the Simpsons first aired, so here’s a little history. The show was HUGE!! Despite its almost worldwide recognition today, its no longer a craze. It hasn’t been in probably 18 years, but there was a time when it was over the top popular. Kids were wearing Bart merchandise like crazy (yeah mostly Bart, not Homer). And anything that reaches a certain level of popularity runs the risk of unofficial merchandise being sold. Which gave rise to black Bart. Check it out…

Black Bart

These versions were not always “on-model” either, as you can see. But now, after 20 long years, we can finally see what an officially licensed darkened-version of the Simpsons would look like. Ta-da!!….

African Simpsons

This is from a promotional campaign in Africa, because the show apparently doesn’t air there yet. But will be soon and inevitably to some disappointment, because the Simpsons aren’t being recolored in the actual show. I guess the promoters will have some explaining to do after the first airing when they are back to being white. I mean, yellow.

You can read a little more on this at my favorite news site, The Daily Mail .


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