A poll! Just one quick question: How’d you hear about CartoonSmart…



8 thoughts on “A poll! Just one quick question: How’d you hear about CartoonSmart…

  1. Ranoka says:

    I think I came across your stuff by people talking about it on forums and linking to if when people were asking for tutorials. Must’ve been about 6 years ago now? Back in the world of Flash MX / MX 2004.

    What I liked about your videos was the laid back attitude, and how you weren’t talking down to people, encouraging people that they can do it themselves, and not afraid to show mistakes.

    Also, the moments of comedy like hearing your cat meowing in the background 🙂

  2. Tylor says:

    Yeah, same. I can’t even remember when I first came across the site. It was around the Flash MX time though. I loved the videos because they were so simple and easy to follow. I was 12 at the time and was able to do really cool things with no prior flash knowledge. I was hooked instantly. I’m eighteen now, so yeah, 6 years ago.

    I remember the funny bits too. I actually remember laughing out loud quite a few times. Your bloopers and mistakes made learning really fun and easy. A good approach that any good screen-cast tutorial site would be wise to learn from.

  3. ana says:

    hey Justin

    i came across you some time ago.. seems like since MX .. . i think.
    anyway, a ton of tuts later and here i am. i am always telling people who want to learn flash etc, but hate reading books and fall asleep with most video lessons, that you are the best. maybe its just how laid back you are. i can relate to that. plus you make jokes. anyway, i’m a BIG fan. found you, i believe, via google.

    you rock! keep it coming. seems like cartoonsmart is slowing becoming am empire ..lol

  4. I am a big fan, by far the best most creative around (of the paid ones). Note that Lynda and Adobe Developer network are also excellent, but the man is reading from a script, and they are sponsored by big, deep pockets.
    I found CartoonSmart when looking for tutorials to download on a Blog.

  5. tony237 says:

    I saw the video interview you did on the Toon Boom site and looked up your site. Since then I’ve purchased several Flash tutorials and am very happy with the quality. I look forward to seeing more on Toon Boom instruction (poke, poke!).

  6. Thanks Tylor! My whole life is unscripted like that. And full of mistakes… or are they on purpose just for others to learn from =)

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