Win a copy of Animate Pro: CartoonSmart and ToonBoom contest!

Yes, the grand prize is a a free copy of Animate Pro ($1999 value)!


Here’s what we have in mind to enter and win!…

To Enter: Submit a short animation (30 seconds to 1 minute is plenty) in the style of a Classic Animated Commercial. How classic?  I’ll post some references below. What I think would be cool to see is something in that style, but with a twist on it. Animate Pro has some amazing 3D capabilities, so I think it would fun to see a piece that looks old at first, but is freshened up by some FX that animators 50 years ago couldn’t work with.

Timeline: We were thinking 2 months is a fair timeline, so lets round that up to October 31 November 9.

Submit: Post your work to here… Animation Contest Vimeo Group I think you’ll need to sign up for Vimeo, but its free.

Judging: Me and some folks from Toon Boom. Feel free to butter me up as much as you want, but I’m not the only casting vote.

Requirements: Download the free Animate Pro Personal Learning Edition (PLE), and animate using that. Your final renders will have a watermark, which is fine, we obviously realize that if you’re entering a contest to win Animate Pro, you don’t own it. And come to think of it,  thats proof  you’re actually using Animate Pro.

Chances of Winning?: Good I think. Very good. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of comments below from people that will enter, but as we all know, talking isn’t walking. September will breeze by, October will start losing days, and I’m sure we’ll get fewer entries than we’d like. Contests are just like that. So seriously, spend a Saturday or two on this, and you’ll have an excellent chance of winning.

Tutorials:  I taught one lesson so far in Animate Pro, but its a long 80 minute one. That should help get ya started. And that same link has some lessons on Animate non-Pro which also apply to the Pro version. Hit me up with emails during your journey and I’ll try to record some quick videos and post them here to solve any road blocks.

Materials / References : To make your finished piece as polished as possible, you can obviously include your own audio tracks, BUT I think its just as good, if not better, to just swipe audio from any of the 100’s of classic animated commercials on YouTube.  Most of these are older than 50 years which I think is their copyright lifespan, but regardless, you’re just using the audio in a contest. Big whoop. I don’t think any old animators from the Retirement Village will chase you down.

Here’s some gems (did you know the Flinstones smoked??)…

Also on Amazon for $8 you can buy a DVD 1001 Commercials. Have fun getting through all 1001.

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Best Program EVER!  So says me!

Best Program EVER! So says me!


66 thoughts on “Win a copy of Animate Pro: CartoonSmart and ToonBoom contest!

  1. Ian, that butters up the Toon Boom judges, not me =)

    And MortalArtist, I’ll prepare for mortal combat if we don’t let you submit two entries. I think as many as you want to do is great.

  2. Have a commercial (actually 2, if time permits) picked out and since I have animate, working with Pro should be easy.
    Besides, I own many of Justin’s cartooning and drawing videos and they are oh so helpful! 😀 (Now *that’s* how you apply the butter, Ian)

  3. Again. Thanks for the contest. I downloaded the PLE version and I was impressed with its versitility. I got plans and would love to have a real copy.

    Thanks for the lesson. I’ll check it out as I plan out a

  4. Ok it’s all cool and stuff, but how the heck im going to import flash artwork in to TBA Pro PLE? SWF import is disabled! It’s so frustrating… Toon boom does not have ability to modify shapes as flash does with selection tool… And i’m not a fan of bezier hadles, reminds me of illustrator grrr…. Any solutions Justin?

  5. Luke says:

    I dont mind doing this contest but I already have Animate Pro and Storyboard Pro any other prizes available?

  6. jesse says:

    How can i import flash stuff in animate pro.thank you justin for the contest can you teach more lessons on animator pro please please thank you

  7. I have the licensed version of Animate Pro, so I haven’t seen any import issues. Is everyone here running into the Import being disabled for the PLE?

  8. jesse says:

    Yes the import is disabled in the PLE version.
    so how can we go about this to import flash files in to the animator PLE version. can you help us.
    thank you

  9. Well I doubt I can get T.B. to change the PLE just for the contest. I think ya’ll will be stuck drawing vector art straight into it, or using a wacom. Which is pretty incredible. But check out their vector drawing tools too. I read the comment about having to use bezier handles, and I too prefer the way Flash can draw with or without those. I like without, but I occasionally I’ll use them in other programs and its not the worst thing in the world.

  10. Twisted Blue says:

    Never mind i figured it out 🙂 Your right 1st you need to Join the site,Then Join the your group.:)

  11. Andriy Drozdenko says:

    Justin, I’ve tried Pro and not Pro its the same import is disabled in both versions. 😦
    I go on the library enable right to modify select swf file or ai it thinks for a second, shows the progress bar as it is importing something… after that nothing appears in the library. I think its is really uncomfortable, there is already a watermark and resolution limitations why to disable import function?

  12. Oh wait! I know the problem. In the Library Tab, go to Animate Library (under Symbols and above Templates) Right Click on it, and you’ll see Right to Modify. That should allow importing. That confused me too. Watch this video for more details…

  13. So, if the requirements stated above no longer apply, then how are the judges going to be able to determine that a submission was indeed created with Animate Pro PLE? I would think it important to level the playing field by requiring all animations to be created using the PLE version. Otherwise, someone like me, having no access to the full version of Animate, would not stand a chance against someone else that was able to import extensive artwork created in Flash, or who used Flash for the whole production.

    I would not, after all, want to compete against this: (Created almost entirely in Flash)


  14. Thanks Anthony, I deleted that comment about using Animate. So now that we’ve figured out the import problem, using the Animate Pro PLE is required. And its true what Anthony is saying, we really do need to keep to that so there’s no question about what program was used.

    Also the Pro version has all the nice 3D that I’d love to see in the entries. If you look at some of those old classic commercials, they actually do a nice job of incorporating real life stuff, like the product boxes, so it would be fun to see for example an old timey looking character interacting in 3D space with a product box. Good lead into this tutorial if you haven’t watched it yet…

    That lesson also talks a lot about the Module Library and Network setup which are amazingly cool in Pro.

  15. rica says:

    When upload the animation in vimeo, in category 2d animation, need complete some form or notify this in some place? or this is all to participate?

  16. Rica, where did you upload the video to? I don’t see any videos added to the group yet.

    But yes, all you need to do to enter is upload the video. If it wins, we can easily contact you through Vimeo.

  17. Seems to be slanted towards those with the ability to “animate”. Not for those want to learn how as well.
    Not trying to degrade Justin’s web site, Cartoon Smart, it is informative.
    Just the overall process for this.
    PS, I noticed a blip on one 80 min “tutorial” for animation, but learning curve differ and 80 min in reality could be oh so much longer, say, past the deadline of 10\31.
    Good luck to those who enter.

  18. danny s says:

    i don’t feel like people who already own animate pro should be granted some other prize. this contest and prize should be for people who want/need that software. if you already own it, don’t whine, just sell the additional license if you win. in fact, if you already own animate pro, the honorable thing to do would be to allow others who don’t yet own it to have the chance to win it. or, if you win it and already own it, pass it along to whoever you feel entered the “next best” submission.

    as far as the level playing field, that’s a hard thing to do in the digital realm. people entering the contest may have access to all kinds of equipment and software, even custom stuff. for example, i have a cintiq, cs4 prod. bundle, and some other goodies at my disposal, and i expect to get whupped but good if i enter the contest by someone working with their trackpad on a macbook in the PLE demo (let alone a team of people working on the same project).

  19. Danny, I think the fairest thing to do if someone else already has Animate Pro, and wins would be to offer them a secondary prize (ie. CartoonSmart tutorials for life or something) then the license would be available for a second place winner. It wouldn’t replace the fact that Toon Boom will be giving away a copy of Pro.

    And Taits, I wouldn’t necessarily say the the contest is slanted toward those that can already animate, but it obviously doesn’t hurt. Creativity is always a trump card. We aren’t judging best walk cycles here, the contest theme is pretty open to creative interpretation.

  20. I’m going to try and throw something together for this. I’ve always wanted a full version of the Toon Boom products but have yet to actually animate anything yet (I’m a wannabe for sure). This looks like a great excuse to download the PLE version and learn some basic techniques from the site. Thanks for the opportunity!

    JJ Parks 🙂

  21. Justin,
    I concur with that, but here we have many who have used the offered pgm or similar programs, now there is an advantage. My last closest to pgm is still PhotoDraw 2000, which does not animate nor is compatible with most of the old let alone newest products out there to convert to. But as a simpleton “drawing” pgm, it works well.
    Thanks for the reply.

  22. JJ Parks says:

    I’m having a little bit of a problem importing backgrounds from other programs (they are always resized and resampled to the 540 x 405 pixels size). I’m guessing this is a limitation of the PLE version as well, but nobody has mentioned it besides me as far as I can tell. Anyone know about this?

    I realize the final output will not be importable by the full version of Animate Pro (I can live with that) but importing high resolution backgrounds would be very helpful for bitmaps used in zooms/pans/etc. If you guys know how to import images and keep them high-resolution in the PLE version, please let me know 🙂 Thanks!

  23. dessiebabe says:

    Is this open to all countries, or just the US? I’m in Australia and would love to have a crack at entering 🙂

  24. Stiofàn says:

    This sounds awesome, I have been trying to save up to buy this product for almost a year. Will definately have a crack at entering. Can you (for example) use other software for this as well – like perhaps use Toon Boom Animate Pro PLE to do all the animation, but use something like Sony Vegas to string together the commercial and do some compostiting effects in Vegas as well?

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  25. Yes, doing the final compositing outside of Animate Pro is fine. Your PLE watermark will still be there to prove you worked in the program, so editing it elsewhere is fine. In fact, for doing a long animation (even 30 seconds is long to me) working in multiple files and rendering each for a final composite is a good idea.

  26. Evan says:

    Is there a way to select pegs from the camera view???

    It seems to me that the (animation) transform tool does not select pegs. and the only way to do that is from the time line or network.

    Is there a switch to get the transform tool to select one or the other?

  27. Sweet, I finally get an excuse to learn this package. Thanks for posting some instructional videos. I wish I had come across this sooner, but I’ll still give it a shot.

  28. Cromartie says:

    My frustrations are becoming pretty intense..I’ve used TBS for years but I just can’t get Animate to run right on my system-it just has to have some kind of problem everytime….feels like a bunch of bloatware for me just wanting to do hand-drawn animation in it….

  29. Cromartie says:

    Nvm, I got over the issue(s) by adjusting my computer’s Performance settings in the System menus..

    Hope a runtime of 1:20’s this commercial:

  30. Well, I picked my commercial. I storyboarded it, I designed my characters and started my sets. The only problem is with all my jobs and general business I’m not sure if I will complete it in time. Bummer, but it sure got my creative juices flowing!

    I may very well submit my unfinished video if I am unable to complete it (looking like it may be the case). At least I’ll have something to show for all my work 🙂 I even bought the 1001 Classic Commercials DVD through your link Justin, lol. How’s that for commitment?

  31. Cromartie says:

    I feel your strain JJ Parks…

    I’m a full traditionalist when it comes to animation-if it doesn’t start on paper…it’s not real animation to me…and somehow my work ethic has left me with a 3-4 inch stack of paper to scan, cleanup, ink, and paint in 24 hours right now…

    I might even vectorize the rough line or reduce the commercial to black and white line (like Tootsie Pops) :-/

    Nonetheless..glad I got the ball rolling 😉

  32. Guys and gals, lets extend the contest deadline a week. I’m hearing from a few folks that are wrapping things up, but I don’t want to burn out anyone on Halloween weekend. Nov 9 sound okay for a new deadline?

  33. Evan says:

    November 9th sounds like a good idea. So much goin on this weekend, its was going to be a huge crunch.

    Thanks 🙂

  34. Cromartie says:

    And may I extend a third thanks…

    I was in the middle of a huge crunch already before discovering the deadline change…I’m very thankful for it-I can stop stressing so much along with school..

    Thank you! 🙂

  35. Thanks for the extension! I thought the contest would be officially done so I didn’t even check till now (got home from work). I’m going to make my best effort to finish my project. I really appreciate the opportunity!

  36. Thanks for all the awesome entries everyone! Lets call it an end to new entries (unless someone is scrambling today to finish) and I’ll get in touch with the folks at Toon Boom to decide a winner. Also since we definitely have many great pieces, I’ll be doling at some 2nd & 3rd place prizes as well. Maybe 4th and 5th even =)

  37. Cromartie says:

    Somewhat scrambling-I’m just filling the stuff in w/ the paint bucket-sure hope Vimeo doesn’t mess up the conversion.

    if not though-s’alright..I’ll finish it for the practice/resume piece…hopefully i can jump on future contests earlier..:-(

  38. Cromartie says:

    I have an urgent compostiing problem because I thought I’d be able to transfer frames from folder to folder like Flash but it seems Toonboom’s file structure is getting in the way.

    . I want to know how to either A)
    Export PNGS or images with an alpha channel so I can composite them in a different program (the backgrounds end up solid black)
    B)Transfer entire frames (With their drawings) to another document-ala Flash-they keep on being blank.

    I’m trying to upload this thing before 12 AM just to be fair. It’s 10:50 PM in my timezone now-hope I get a quick reply.

  39. Cromartie says:

    Sorry I meant to say from “document to document” not folder to folder

    Oh and every few half hour or so the program also crashes from a “visual runtime error”-I’ve dealt with this issue since I started the contest in Sept and I just restart the software to solve it…but I was curious about it if it can be fixed. Thanks

  40. Cromartie says:

    I’ll forfeit at 12 AM-can’t win ’em all-the compositing was the kill blow-I’ll just note where I went wrong and learn from this mistake.

    Good job everybody…….sigh 511 drawings gone to waste for me but who to blame but myself anyways.

  41. Cromartie says:

    Alright back in-I expected it over by now but looks like some people still have some processing going on-at the cost of quality I’m using a different method to hopefully have it up in a few.

  42. Just wanted to say that everyone really did a great job on their submissions. I wanted to finish my cartoon commercial flick, but my own retro game dev projects had to take precedence. I look forward to another Animate Pro contest in the future.

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