Lookie what I found on my hard drive!

Yesterday  I was digging around my hard drive and found some ancient Flash animation. “Ancient Flash” is an oxymoron right? Like jumbo shrimp. Anyway,  I thought I’d lost this stuff a few computers ago so its a fun find for me. This is work I did for Rumpus animation, maybe 8 or 9 years ago. It is NOT great animation, but me and a few other guys did about 1 short cartoon a week of similar length, so there wasn’t much time for Disney-esque animation. Or even Noggin quality.  Plus (more excuses) we working with Flash 4 or 5. If anyone likes these, I’ll post some more.  Oh and skip the science experiment part if you make it that far.

Rumpus animation

8 thoughts on “Lookie what I found on my hard drive!

  1. I know, glad someone remember all those sounds that came with the early versions of Flash. I still have them all. They were great, just used way too much by us early Flash animators.

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