Toon Boom-made music video.

I’m not sure which Toon Boom program this was made with though. But its quite decent. Not perfect animation, but good.

By the way, thanks to everyone who signed up for the Vimeo group for our animation contest. We’ve got 9 members! No entries yet, but its way too soon. Just having 9 members is terrific, because I’ve clearly been pushing Vimeo’s site for a while now on this blog and I didn’t think I had gotten many people signed in (even though its free). For those that did, I strongly recommend you opt into their daily emails of videos. I get a lot of stuff for this blog from animations they email me. Also they just have some straight-up cool stuff on their site. For example Vimeo Land


One thought on “Toon Boom-made music video.

  1. Hey Justin, I plan on making an animation. Beside the one for your contest. Is it possible for you to post it on your blog, if so I will affiliated it in my video. Tell me soon, will check later. 😀

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