Thoughts on this Flash menu, hot or not?

Love to hear what people think of this floating, sometimes-there-sometimes-not Flash menu. I’m looking for some cool, but relatively easy menus to rip off teach for a lesson. This could definitely be one. So maybe a better question to ask: seen any other worthy ones to pull back the curtain on?

floating flash menu

Looking for Adobe Flash tutorials, go to


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on this Flash menu, hot or not?

  1. jaz says:

    Not bad, I think its pretty creative. Downside to the site is navigating through. Everytime you wanna switch pages you have to go through to many steps to do so which would ge annoying after a while.

  2. It is cool and pretty creative, but I don’t see it working outside of the setup that he’s got there. It wouldn’t be very useful on a blog or any kind of conventional webpage for example (which I suppose is the point since it’s a pretty dynamic portfolio).

    Really, your choices for using that kind of menu are pretty limited.

    Apart from that, the webpage slows down fast, and navigating is a chore. Playing with a website and user interactivity is one thing, but if you want to browse the guy’s work quickly and go back and forth, you’re gonna have a hard time.

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