Freelance request: Supercar-related job posting on the forum. Sounds fun!

Click here for details on what sounds like a really cool freelance Flash project. Here’s some details…

  • A visually pleasing, interactive application allowing users to completely customize an exotic supercar with various body styles, accessories, and colors.
  • A base model supercar with several customizable parts. (rims, wheels, doors, decals, front-ends, rear-ends, windows, brake calipers, mirrors, interior parts, exhaust, engines, etc .)
  • These parts change as the user hovers over the desired part choices.
  • Different exhaust choices will determine different sounds. This must be heard when exhaust choices are made.
  • Each part/accessory will have a price which will need to be added to the base price displayed somewhere within the application layout.
  • The supercar will pivot slightly as the user makes adjustments.
  • The view and angle of the customized car will be manipulated by the user to be analyzed.
  • A user will have the option to save his/her supercar in their “factory”. At this point the user will be asked to sign-up or login. Their customizations to their car must be saved through their registration process.
  • A user will submit their final choices to their “garage” to purchase their car online.

More details are at the CartoonSmart forum.

I should note, this isn’t a job I’m posting, but this does sound like a good opportunity.


4 thoughts on “Freelance request: Supercar-related job posting on the forum. Sounds fun!

  1. Just wanted to say hi to everybody here. This is my initial posting here.

    It absolutely appears the owners of the website sure are doing a excellent job.

    I would like to find some good of information here and assist other members as much as I can.

  2. Hiya, More often than not once I sign in to the forum ( I get redirected to a empty webpage and not anything else.

    Does someone else experience this concern?


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