CartoonSmart-Approved List of iPhone Training Books (yeah books)

I have to admit, I gave up on my iPhone training the first time around. Just like Luke on Dagobah with his Jedi training. Except instead of running off early to fight Vadar , I just ran off in general…  That was about a year or so ago, back before Apple was allowing authors to sell books on the iPhone, so I was scrounging around for scraps of back-alley training. Not fun.  But recently I got a second wind, mostly because of my instructor Jeremy’s very easy-to-follow iPhone video tutorial, so over the past couple months I’ve been sleeping with training books. Seriously, most of mine have drool on them from being used as pillows. BUT thats a good thing. They aren’t sleep-inducing at all, its just that I’m liking my books so much that I take them everywhere. And I realized today how uncool is it that I haven’t told any of you all to get some of these. The top two I’d say are ESSENTIAL …

Learn Objective C on the Mac This book doesn’t say much about the iPhone, since its mostly about the basic concepts of OOP and Objective C, which is really the best place to start anyway.  Its easy as heck to understand the code just by reading it, so I didn’t really feel the need to fire up XCode to test every example.

Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK With this guy, you’ll be doing things right off the bat in XCode, and testing your projects with the iPhone simulator (or your phone if you get registered as an app developer). I’m about halfway through the projects and can definitely say this book is excellent. Very easy to understand most things, but midway through I found that first book I listed and decided to step back some and really solidify understanding basic Obj C.

iPhone Cool Projects Haven’t dug into this one much yet, but from flipping through it, it looks excellent. A lot of projects that I definitely want to try.

iPhone Games Projects I’ve flipped through and looked at the pictures. The title alone sold me. In fact, twice. I bought two by accident, so if anyone has a compelling reason why you deserve a free copy of this book, comment below.

And this same publisher Apress has a ton more of these books in the works. None of these are available yet, but you can see what they have ahead… iPhone User Interface Design Projects , iPhone Advanced Projects , More iPhone 3 Development: Tackling iPhone SDK 3 , Pro Objective-C for Mac and iPhone

Finally I picked up this Objective C Pocket Reference book by O’Reilly, which I was kinda ticked to see was published in 2003 when it arrived (yeah I didn’t notice the publish date in the title!!)  BUT I’ve actually used this quite a bit. Pocket references aren’t for training though. They are exactly what they say they, “pocket reference”

OKAY, thats all for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a more interesting post with pictures of rain. Thats what we do here in Atlanta now, is watch rain.

UPDATED: No rain today. I just posted on the forum the beginnings of what will hopefully be a long discussion for everyone interested in iPhone development.


7 thoughts on “CartoonSmart-Approved List of iPhone Training Books (yeah books)

  1. Hi.
    1) The links on the right hand side are dead. They Lead to this page: – at least on my end, most likely on yours too.
    2) I will be glad to have the book as a present since I may make tutorials out of them. You will be further supporting education.
    3) Send me the book and an affiliate link will be placed on my site saving you a few dollars paid to Google for the clicks cartoon smart gets from my site (if the URL is then properly blocked on the competitor filter).

  2. vishal says:

    Umm. The timeliness of this article is amazing. This is on my to-do list starting the first of October. Thanks for the list Justin. You will need to keep us posted on how your app development comes along.

  3. Avraham, email me your address. I’ll put that book in the mail for ya.

    Not sure what was up with the right-side links. Seems to have gone back to normal.

  4. 1) The side bar links are back up, here on my end too. But they were leading to that page before, for sure. Double checked before telling you.
    2) My email address is solutions at say-web dot com
    3) The cartoon smart banner,as affiliate is already on the home page, please check if it pleases you.
    4) Once I have your email I will be able to give the shipping direction.
    5) You may wish to block my site on adsense to save you some dollars, the banner will be up for 2 months, performing or not. Needless to say if they perform they stay longer.

  5. Ranoka says:

    I bought this one yesterday: ‘Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK’

    I thought that’d be the best to start with. I’ve been doing some C++ so switching to Objective-C shouldn’t be that hard. Mostly learning some new syntax, which I’m hoping the Cartoon Smart videos and web tutorials/reference should be enough for.
    May go back and buy ‘Learn Objective C on the Mac’ if I struggle.

    I had a flick through the ‘iPhone Games Projects’ one, but it looked more like chunks of ideas and advice rather than a book that teaches how to make a complete game from beginning to end (kind of like the New Master of Flash, but with less code). Probably something more useful after you’ve worked on a project and want some extra input.

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