New CartoonSmart Tutorials! Papervision3D and After Effects

CartoonSmart Tutorial Discount: Papervision Menu Tutorial and After Effects Moving MaskPoint your peepers at this month’s tutorials! Discounted as usual for $15 for both.  Plus this month’s download comes with a coupon code for 30% off anything on the site (except the Bulk Package w/Free Hard Drive, sorry).

The first lesson is on Papervision3D again. Our instructor Manu D’Macedo, did a tutorial on this topic last month too, so this is kind of a followup, although he goes over the initial setup again, so you wouldn’t be too lost skipping ahead to this one. It’s focused on creating a very cool 3D menu, which is hard to describe how cool it is here, so please check it out on the official sales page.

And Jeremy Hicks has returned with his last After Effects tutorial for a little while. He taught this iPhone course , so if I can pull him away from his day job, it will probably be for more of those. His AE course teaches how to do some advanced masking techniques, which create an effect similar to the opening titles in Stranger Than Fiction.

Now for the FUTURE….

What next? I’m still working on slick (but easy) Menu tutorial for Flash. “Still” meaning, still haven’t really started. So hit me up with some comments on things you’d like to see. Tutorials-aside,  I’m also toying with the idea of some kind of cartoon template for easy-character creation, but I dunno. I feel like that gets into the clip-art realm, UNLESS I could find some really fabulous illustrators to contribute to it. Thoughts?


4 thoughts on “New CartoonSmart Tutorials! Papervision3D and After Effects

  1. John says:

    One thing I’d love to see is a tutorial on building the full xml flash site’s. I think you’d have to call that a mega tut.

  2. Calum says:

    I would really like to see some more vector character tutorials. I, personally, really struggle with creating the drawing but find the animation reasonably easy. So if you could do another tutorial on designing a cartoon character that can easily be animated.

    BTW I’ll probably get that new AE tutorial-looks good!

  3. Ranoka says:

    Just bought this for the Papervision3D tutorial. Been wanting to get into 3D, and I think video tutorials are great for learning a new concept since you can watch the whole process, which saves a lot of frustration from trying to work it out from text tutorials which may have holes in them.

    Currently working on my portfolio, so would be a good place to include some 3D elements somewhere : )

    The Papervision3D talk at FOTB was really inspiring. This example was really awesome: — 3D Flash game made by

  4. Thanks Ranoka. Made it about halfway through that EnergyLab site loading and had to quit. I’m on a cruise ship at the moment and its pretty slow. Definitely made a note to check it out later!

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