I forgot how cool The Price Is Right is.

When I was a kid,  11am was the greatest time of day because of The Price Is Right. Well during the summer at least. For fall thru spring, 11am sucked because I was in school not watching Price is Right, and I knew my mom and youngest sister probably were watching it. An early lesson in life not being fair. And over the past couple decades, I haven’t been fair to The Price is Right. Its an awesome show that I haven’t appreciated since childhood. I heard recently they changed the set to have a more 1950’s look, so tonight I went looking for pics and discovered the greatness of PriceIsRight.com .

And just for design-nerds like myself, some brilliant person on their web staff decided to include a nice-sized picture of the logo for many of their games. If you click on one of the games (like my favorite), you’ll first land on the video tab, but click the Photo tab and there’s the logo in glorious 2-dimensions. The 2D-ness shouldn’t be overlooked, because in the show these same logos are part of set-pieces so they are molded in plastic, extruded, etc. So its very cool they decided to post these fun  (sometimes even bad) logos like this.

Oh and back to the set redesign, this blog has some video on that. Continue reading there if your  I Don’t Give a Crap Meter isn’t already topped off.

Flip Flop logo


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