Flash CS5 means a million more piranhas in the App tank.

So the big news yesterday was that Flash CS5 (or Flash 11 for those like me still waiting for a strictly numbered comeback) will export to a native iPhone app. I heard that word “native” a few times in Adobe’s demo video, so I’ll use it too.  What’s implied is that this export from swf to App won’t be like some floral pattern knee-patch job on your coolest pair of  jeans. Apparently you’ll actually get a real iPhone app not a self-executing swf that launches like an app. Which if true, would be fantastic. Of course us animators all know how well Flash’s export frame-skippy-record to Quicktime can behave at times, but honestly I have a better feeling about this. Code converting to other code seems possible. Although I’ll admit when I read this announcement today my mind-pants exploded a little. If Adobe can really make this happen, they can do anything.

So what about this pile of Objective C and iPhone books on my desk? Are they headed to the shelf? Which in my world is akin to putting Woody’s Roundup Gang back in storage. A lot of sad unplayed-with training books are looking at the back of my head right now.  A Guide to Flash MX never even got the binding cracked .  Well the answer is no, these  iPhone books are still on the desk.  In fact I just got done with another chapter.  It’ll be interesting to see how this Actionscript-export handles things like the accelerometer, multi-touch swipes, location tracking, and other functions that are somewhat unique to the iPhone. But I did read some rumors today that Adobe is planning some workarounds for things like the swipes. What will be nice though is creating quick & easy apps that a lot of us Flash folks already know how to do, like  galleries, micro-sites,  music players, and games.

And a little side-announcement is that Flash CS5 is still using Actionscript 3. Hooray for everyone busting hump to learn As3! Double-hooray for slackers like me that still have hours and hours of AS3 training to sell for another 18 months or more!!   Actionscript does not equal Actionscrapped, for at least one more upgrade. One love, people. One love.

No definite word yet on when Flash CS5 will be released though (another reason those books aren’t shelved yet)  But for those looking for Flash and Actionscript 3 training right now, like TODAY, (here’s my chance to pounce >)  go to CartoonSmart’s Actionscript 3 section

Click here for more on Flash CS5’s new features  (like an improved Actionscript editor!)

Or click the pic below to watch a demo of some Flash-made apps ALREADY in the App Store….

THIS JUST IN: A lot more piranhas in the App Store tank


10 thoughts on “Flash CS5 means a million more piranhas in the App tank.

  1. I think AS 3.0 will be around for a long time. If this language will change then it will be a significant change like it was from AS 2.0 to AS 3.0 , who knows maybe in a few years flash will use C++ OR Java 🙂 , the good thing in my opinion is that this amazing technology is advancing and ADOBE is doing a super cool job with it.
    I’m a truly lucky man that I discovered and that I’m working with this stuff.

  2. Eddie says:

    After the mess that is CS4 – CS5 upgrade better be very cheap and/or an iPhone thrown in for good measure….

    Would prefer to see the Flash Player on the iPhone browser.

  3. Rich says:

    I’m encouraged but not overly so. The bottom line is Apple holds the keys to the App Store and that’s where the rubber meets the road.

    I love flash but it’s Apples ball and if they don’t like the way others play they can go home.

    I really hope Flash to Iphone thing works. The consumer will win in the end.

  4. Wow. I didn’t even think of that John. Great point. One of my emailers mentioned to me before that converting AS to Obj C was being done with some software (possibly for the PC and mac), so maybe this isn’t as difficult or unique as I thought. But the idea of such a mainstream program as Flash which already has millions of PC users being able to enter the App store is mind-boggling. Well quality not quantity. The App store is already inundated with every type of app or game, but there will always be some success for something truly great.

  5. John says:

    My tongue fell from my mouth when i read this.
    Double-hooray for slackers like me that still have hours and hours of AS3 training to sell for another 18 months or more!!

    looking forward to the next 18 months 🙂

  6. bobbydank says:

    I’m as excited as a school kid on X-mas with this news, but I have SO many unanswered questions in my head. You touched on a few of them Justin with the swipes comment, but I am thinking a little more basic.

    Most Flash games are control (at least partly) by the keyboard. How is that going to port to the Iphone? Do all games and apps made in Flash that the developer wants to be used on the iphone need to be completely controllable by mouse clicks? Is that the standard we should use?

    I think when it comes down to it, you are still going to need a fundamental understanding of Objective C. I don’t care what Adobe says, it CAN’T be that simple. It never is.

  7. Agreed Bobby. there will be a lot of things to consider like the keyboard to think about. Definitely making a game with one-click (touch) functionality will port over more reliably.

  8. hunter says:

    I can´t really confirm this but as far as i know is not that AS is going to work on the iphone, ( i think flash right now doesn´t work on the iphone at all) it looks like you´ll be able to create games for the iphone but pages with flash will not be supported, i know this sounds retarded ( well, the whole we don´t support flash is retard but hey!! it´s apple) but that´s what i knew. personally i doubt that apple is going to give full access to flash for their iphone, i mean just think about it, nobody will need to buy the iphone programming package that is only available for mac because everybody including non mac programmer would be able to create stuff for the iphone, is apple really willing to open the access to create content for the iphone for free? don´t know but i´m sure there is going to be a big BUT in the convert AS to iphone button….

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