Watch 5 minutes of Disney’s next super mega double-decker hit

Here’s an odd thing to see Disney unnecessarily doing: posting 5 minutes of their next movie with scenes ranging in readiness from totally done to totally floating body parts. Since I go to way too many movie rumor sites in a day, I’ve seen my share of these “watch the first minutes of…” type previews, and I don’t think I’ve even seen unfinished FX or in this case, unfinished tweens, cleanup, coloring, backgrounds and so on. BUT thats not to say this isn’t VERY cool to see from an animation perspective. Which I guess is why Disney would post the film in this manner since I’m an early-preview/animation nerd which probably makes me an adult male between the ages of 18 to 35 which is easily their least likely target audience for this movie. Heck,  I couldn’t even find time to see Up in the theaters, so anything with “Princess” or “Frog” in the title is already way down low on my list of movies to put pants on to see. But Disney won’t need my box office bucks anyway, since this movie will obviously be a HUGE hit. How do I know?….

It begins with two little girls that want to be princesses getting read a story about a princess, a kitten gets put in a cute outfit,  then some kissing and cooking is discussed, and then some wishing on a star goes on. Oh and also a dozen little girl princess outfits were hanging up in the background, and a puppy kind of appeared. Thats a formula for girls liking something A LOT.disney mega hit


4 thoughts on “Watch 5 minutes of Disney’s next super mega double-decker hit

  1. You posted a link to the video but YouTube pulled the video because of copyright issues. 😦 And I was really looking forward to seeing it…guess I should be more on the ball next time.

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