A pointless Flash CS5 poll!

So in case you missed it, last week or so it was announced that Flash CS5 will export to an iPhone app. Which of course sounds awesome. But a few days later, it hit me that if Adobe can do this magical conversion from Actionscript 3 to (I’m assuming) Objective C, than why not try for a File >Save to Actionscript 3 feature for all of our Actionscript 2 files collecting dust. I have a lot of AS2 games which would be great to upconvert to 3. And actually, 70% of CartoonSmart.com’s .fla’s are still As2 files. Not that its a problem, but I guess if I had the option to easily convert everyone, I probably would at this point.

Anyway, so my question below is NOT which export feature you’d rather have in Flash CS5 (cuz I think we’re all swooning over the iphone export), but which do you think you’d actually use more?…


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