Will our kids laugh at us for using mice?

I like what I’m seeing in this nicely-styled animation which argues why today’s modus operandi of computing (the mouse) should be as dead as that spell-checked Latin I just used. The author of this propagand-o-mation describes the video as “my crazy summer project to reinvent desktop human-computer interaction”, but thats obviously down-playing his presentation and ideas quite a bit. In less than 3 days he’s already gotten 151,000 views on Vimeo, so he’s onto something.  Check it out…


5 thoughts on “Will our kids laugh at us for using mice?

  1. Wayne Wilson says:

    This system would be speedier with all the finger possibilities, but could scatter my attention.
    An old-fashioned mouse can be tedious, but the single clicks, one at a time help me stay focused.

  2. I believe this is going to be the enxt thing. I have seen other apllications of this same thing. I currently have a HP touchsmart t800 series. Its touch screen features are very cool but it is overreated I dare say. I have tried the Architech approach to the touch and I would not say its Painful as much as awkward. The screen doesn’t have the ability to distinguish more than one finger at a time. However, it’s said that the new Windows 7 will have the multi touch feature. I look forward to Windows 7 and this 10/GUI’s abilties to merge as one and start a whole new era. Awesome Vid

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