An iPhone Photoshop app, you say?

I’m in the midst of downloading it now, and obviously its not going to be anything like the “real” Photoshop, but still I think its cool Adobe is lending the brand name Photoshop (and official dictionary verb) to an app that does probably the same thing tons of other apps already do. And why is that cool?… Well it was cool when Joaquin Phoenix came down to fight in Gladiator, right. He’s the emperor or whatever. He doesn’t have to fight, but he feels the need to show off to the people that he’s got some skills in the ring. Of course we all know how that fight ended. Glug, glug, blood from the mouth, fall back and dead.

Okay, downloaded, synched (or sunch?) and I’m done playing with it…  I might have to remove yesterday’s post about touches replacing the mouse for computing. I feel dirty. But hey, the real Photoshop still rules, right?…Anyone?

iPhone Photoshop


2 thoughts on “An iPhone Photoshop app, you say?

  1. never even touch photoshop but if I ever get real serious with web development I will purchase it. However I crave an iPhone everyday that I see one. I suppose you have an iPhone Justin?

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