Change yourself for me. Adobe pulls a Kenny Powers with Envanto

There’s a sad comparison here. Watch Kenny Powers bully Stevie at minute 2:30 (bad language, so not safe for school or work). Now read how Adobe made Envanto change their name. Pretty raw deal. Bullies are only fun on TV.

So anyone else have “Flash” in their domain name? If so I’m assuming you are using it in the context of a camera’s flash or you’re referring to something that gives off light in sudden or intermittent bursts or just as a verb, as in, to flash someone. I know when I registered the domain in 1999  (a site which is now owned and managed by my friend Andy). I did not have Macromedia Flash in mind. For the record. Ahem.

5 thoughts on “Change yourself for me. Adobe pulls a Kenny Powers with Envanto

  1. wow!, that’s crazy… how is it really hurting Adobe? I hate it when the big guys do stuff like that just on general purposes. Let the little guy make a living too :-p

  2. John says:

    It sure is a raw deal. Site’s like flash den and your good self are helping promote the Flash brand. Adobe have you and your training to thank for me upgrading.

  3. MDM says:

    I agree with John. It’s not as if people are inferring association with Adobe either. Adobe should be grateful for the huge unofficial support base that promotes use of their product.

  4. Yeah its just straight up bad PR, and unless Adobe has some grand design for the name “Flash Den” I don’t see why they’d do this. Especially at a time when they’ve got a lot of users jumping ship from Flash to Animate, they should be sucking up to sites like FlashDen, not stripping them of brand recognition. And right, no one was mistaking their site for an official Adobe site. I’d love to hear from Adobe on this.

  5. hmm. I can’t say how much this changes my view on Adobe as a company. Such a low blow in my opinion. This is possibly the worst Publicity I’ve ever heard of from them. Makes me want to consider Animate instead of Flash CS4

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