Bow before Influxis, and their Army of Flash Media Servers!

So in the next few weeks I’m going to be checking out some of the applications that Influxis has on their Flash Media Servers, and beyond that, hopefully trying my hand at programming some Flash stuff with more real-time-connectivity that usual. Its not something I’ve done in a lesson yet, and if you don’t know what I mean by real-time Flash, check out some of Influxis’ pre-built applications here. They’ve got chat apps, TV stations apps, web cam apps, and even an entire 3D chat world (demos are here)

Also design-wise, I think they have a pretty sweet site. I have a hunch your Influxis server probably doesn’t look like the one below, but its fun to imagine a computer that could also drift race.

So anyone have some brilliant ideas of things to try once I get my bearings here?

Influxis Flash Media Servers


9 thoughts on “Bow before Influxis, and their Army of Flash Media Servers!

  1. Well I checked out serveral of the apps they had avaliable. Most were rather useless of the normal everyday user. I did like the TV station 2 beta only cause it had a lot of cool Hi Def Trailors and Interviews it was playing when I had it there. The next thing is the 3D chat world. I was thinking that could be a pretty cool feature for Cartoonsmart to have aside from all the other stuff. Just a world to jump into, maybe save your name and avatar if possible and all CS users could chat it up. Surely theres at least 2 people on your site at any given time? And then even you could get on at times to help people out and answer general questions. I’m sure if people are as curious as me they would absolutely love to talk to you real time, not through some forum. Maybe even set dates once a week that your Almost guaranteed to be on. I think it would be awesome. Just my opinion.

  2. Hope to see it soon. I’ll bet you go with a black glossed up room with Floating CS logos here and there. Possibly your cartoon characters from the site in their as well to spice up the place, saying lil facts about the site. Sounds awesome

  3. Hey Gage,

    We at Influxis are constantly trying to create new and helpful apps to get Normal Everyday Users like yourself into the wonderful world of Flash Media Server. Do you have any suggestions as to apps that you would like to see made? Flash Media Server is a highly specialized sort of configuration, so our apps reflect what it’s best at.

    We’re currently making a game framework to help with the development of Multiplayer games, and lots more in the coming months.

  4. Hey Sean, probably the most requested thing I get asked about teaching has to do with multi-player games. So yeah if that framework is in the works, definitely you’ll probably have 50 CartoonSmart regulars ready to sign up. And I think most of these students aren’t afraid of Actionscript either, since they’ve probably gone through most of the past CS lessons to do with gaming.

  5. Awesome Justin,

    We’re on it. Any other feedback is always greatly appreciated.

    I’m glad they aren’t afraid of Actionscript, because that’s my middle name. Seantron Actionscript McCracken (my parent’s were futurists).

  6. Multiplayer apps are always going to be highly popular. I myself enjoy them but I always stick to gaming consoles or blizzard games on the computer. Although I won’t lie I enjoy the newgrounds game every now and then. I myself am not very Actionscript enabled. I just don’t have a lot of time to learn. I do want to master it one day though. However, this is one reason I would love to see a small almost classroom shaped 3D world from Justin where US cartoonsmart users can jump in and have conversations with each and get help from each other and Justin. I look forward to the day this is released. As for ideas on Flash Server Apps, hmm.. besides the multiplayer idea, how about teacher app where someone can control your desktop and show you whats going wrong. and if it had mic and video feed as well that would be cool. I know there are such programs out there that do this or close to it, but a Flash oriented one would be coo\

  7. I want to see an usable app with proper web conferencing features including many-to-many cams, whiteboard and over and above all RECORDING. I will buy Influxis if you make this.

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