Aly Fell and the Covers of Books that Don’t Exist

So I’m currently reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, and about 120 pages into the second book I realized I had no idea what the cover to the books looked like. No idea, meaning, my memory sucks. But I do tend to remember good art and these were just plain bad. Each cover looks like the publisher just slapped together some royalty-free photographs, added some blurs and tints, and wall-la, done. Which is a shame because  these covers came from a recently-made combo pack of the first 4 in the Dark Tower series, so there was already plenty of fan art out there. Google “Dark Tower art” and there’s tons of better covers.

Anyway,  this all reminded me of an artist named Aly Fell I discovered a few days ago from‘s blog. They posted some of his sexy horror women pics, but I thought his portfolio had some even stronger pieces based on old pulp novels. So more baffling, here’s a guy making awesome covers for his own pleasure as a hobby, and Stephen King’s publisher can’t find a few hundred books to buy better art. Click below, or here to see how a real artist draws a cover.

The Death Dealer by Aly Fell


4 thoughts on “Aly Fell and the Covers of Books that Don’t Exist

  1. Can;t believe your reading those books. I read them all a few years ago and it’s a mind boggling series. For one person to have such a nack at putting to together such a crazy ass story line. But anyways, I do remember the art in the books I had which were the original copies available to the public when they released, courtesy of my dad, had some pretty cool art pages. A little bland but matched the desolate story line of the gunslinger and second novel, what was it? the drawing of three or something. I think that’s the third novel. Anyways be sure to not get discouraged by the fourth novel, a wizard’s glass, because its horribly slow paced.

  2. Thanks for the tip off about book 4. I had some friends that were crazy excited went the last book came out, so I’m convinced I’m in it for the long haul. Book 2 is awesome so far.

  3. No problem, I myself never finished book 7. I want to so bad but my dad has the book and I just never remember to get it from him. If you like that series and you don’t mind somewhat children style books, I HIGHLY recommend the Pendragon series. Its on going and very awesome story line with different worlds and whatnot. Chcek it out its awesome.

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