A New CartoonSmart Tutorial MEGA Course!

CartoonSmart Tutorials Actionscript 3 Menus Mega Course

My Actionscript 3 Menu Mega Course is finally complete!! I spent the last month or so putting together tons of example projects for just about every kind of fancy menu you might want to build. The course is divided into 5 parts, and is over 6 hours, but with plenty of separate projects (there’s 34 start and finish example .fla files), so you’ll have a comprehensive library of files to pull code from for years to come! Also this course is for both newbies and oldies to Flash. I learned quite a bit myself prepping it.

Also master template builder, Tibi, has returned to offer a discount package on his 3 incredible Flash Video Player Templates. Each one is totally XML populated, but as always the .fla’s are included.

More details and discounts are at the usual spot…

Also Toon Boom has reactivated their discount code to get Animate for only $399! I can’t publish the code for the entire world to see, but if you check the latest newsletter, or email me, or post a comment below, you’ll get that code.

Thanks all!



10 thoughts on “A New CartoonSmart Tutorial MEGA Course!

  1. essam says:

    for the discount code for animate it gives me bad coupon error

    and why there is not discount code for Animate Pro!?

  2. essam says:

    thank you Justin you are awesome .. if i purchase animate with this code can i upgrade to pro with this discount .

  3. Yeah, I know people did that last time. They bought Animate (non-pro) with the code, and then upgraded to Pro.

    And for others reading this, the code from the newsletter shouldn’t have the “M” in it. Leave that out when entering the code.

  4. Tyler says:

    Hey Justin, Love your tutorials, the latest one on the menu’s isn’t letting me purchase though, I get sent to the payloadz site but its just a blank page, tried on Chrome and Firefox with no luck. Let me know once its back up as I would like to buy. Thanks

  5. essam says:

    how long this code will be valid ? the money will come next month i am afraid the code be expired till it arrived?

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