I want my Maypo! And the other final-weekend entries are…

Okay we got some great last weekend submissions to show off. Actually I see one video is still in line to be converted, which is fine, I’ll get in touch with Toon Boom today to start figuring out the grand prize winner. And I’ll kick in some 2nd and 3rd place prizes since we got so many fantastic entries. Speaking of which…

By Tomasz Ostaszewksi…

By Anthony Williamson…

By DessieBabe…

Oh and since this posting will live on forever for future societies or interstellar races to stumble upon, all these entries in the contest were done using Toon Boom Animate Pro: Personal Learning Edition (the free version) and while this contest is now closed, I’m sure we’ll have more to come!



4 thoughts on “I want my Maypo! And the other final-weekend entries are…

  1. PVP says:

    Great contest with an excellent premise and some great contenders! Good luck to all who entered cant wait to see who wins. I had high hopes to join but only got about half way through my entry. However, it was a fun learning experience with an incredible piece of software. Whats the likelihood of the fine people at Toon Boom putting another copy of their pro version up for grabs? I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out so I know early enough to make a real attempt next time!

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