The Toon Boom Animate Pro Contest Winner is…

Animate Pro Contest Winner

The Grand Prize Winner: Space Food Balls! (click to view)

2nd Place Winner

Runner Up 1: A Reimagining of the Classic Flinstones Winston Commercial (click to view)

Animate Pro Contest Runner Up 2

Runner Up 2: Maypo! (click to view)

What a day. I made one person very happy, and disappointed 15 others.  Sigh. I wish everyone could have won the big prize   and I’m extremely thankful to everyone that participated. Speaking of which, please check out the Contest Group Page for some of the other amazing entries. At the very least, almost everyone is walking away with an excellent new piece in their portfolio.

And whether you participated in this contest or not, I’d love some feedback for future contests. I think we can keep doing these for a while, and would love some topic ideas or general thoughts on what’s worth your time in the sense of risk vs. reward.

Thanks again everyone!



8 thoughts on “The Toon Boom Animate Pro Contest Winner is…

  1. Hugh Doo says:

    All great entries but I can’t believe Space Food Balls won out of the three. A lot of motion yes, but animation? hardly.

    And isn’t this an ‘animation’ contest. What ever happened to good old frame-by-frame?

  2. Ranoka says:

    Congratulations to Brad! The entries were all so good, must’ve been really tough judging them.

    I wanted to enter, but couldn’t find the time, I hope to get an entry in for the next one!

  3. PVP says:

    Congrats!! that was definitely the entry I thought should win, original, great style and animation and followed the guidelines to the letter!

    This was a great contest and I think having specific guidelines are great to help people stay on track and help when deciding who deserves the win.

    As for the prize I think the animate pro is a great incentive. Anything of that nature, things that are useful but may be slightly out of the price range for freelancers, is a great prize I think and I don’t.

    Time was an issue for me as with some other people I’m sure. However, the 2 month deadline was fair and ample for this contest. More time is always welcome though lol. Some people just have less free time than others :).

    Anyways looking forward to the next contest and hoping to be able to join in next time around!

  4. Cromartie says:

    Actually I’m curious as to what they were judging now that’s it over, not that I mind losing (was only my first competition).

    Like Hugh said, there wasn’t the most animation in the winner-I’m curious as to how it knocked the others out.

  5. PVP says:

    I think the winner was chose because it was about the only one which fit all the criteria well.
    It was old timey and had a nice clean style about it
    it was a commercial
    it was original (and from what I can tell used all original material)
    it showcased animate pro’s capabilities
    it met the first deadline (bonus points?)

    Some others were great but missed one or more of the guidelines which were included in the contest rules. For example, the chicken fish one was incredibly well animated. Other than that and being done with animate pro it sure beats me how it had anything to do with this competition. Ninja drink was also incredible, however nothing about it was old timey whatsoever.

    I was happy to see that entry win. I was actually worried they were going to turn more towards flashier animated pieces and ignore the guidelines they had set but I felt the judging was fair and well done. 🙂

    This should give confidence to anyone who wants a fair chance in these competitions rather than getting steam rolled by professionals and teams of people who may have flashier pieces but neglect the rules.

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