Is anyone out there a REALLY good fantasy illustrator and want some free exposure?

I have an upcoming tutorial planned that REALLY requires some excellent fantasy-style artwork, think Dungeons and Dragon’s or World of Warcraft. I’ll post some reference below, but I’m looking for…

  1. Realistic, so not cartoonish, or manga-y
  2. Already in color, no pencil sketches
  3. Doesn’t have copywritten characters (unless they are your own and you don’t mind lending them out)
  4. Stuff you’ve already done. I’m not asking for new artwork, just stuff you have lying around.

The payment is: My eternal gratitude PLUS tons of exposure for your work since it’ll be seen A LOT onscreen during the tutorial. I’d be teaching how to add subtle atmospheric effects to a drawing. Much like the frontpage scrolling pics on Blizzard’s site

Please email jpgs or links to your portifolio to….  cartoonsmart at good ol’

Some fan art I found on Blizzard's site. By Jeremy Sun



9 thoughts on “Is anyone out there a REALLY good fantasy illustrator and want some free exposure?

  1. I have a suggestion for you. Go to ODesk. It is very, very affordable, that you can hire a few illustrators, for the price of one tutorial. Last Saturday night I posted a job by mistake (they don’t take paypal from employers) and before deleting there was already a candidate.

    You can also post for free, just to see who shows up.

    By the way… if you open an account, or even visit ODesk please do from my website, since I make a commission 🙂

  2. jchat198 says:

    You’re kidding right?

    A cartoon blog and you’re asking cartoonist to work for free.
    How bout a little respect for artists – you don’t ask your local plumber to ‘do that plumbing thing’ for free because you’ll tell lots of people about it.

    What a joke.

  3. No first off I’m not asking a “cartoonist” anything. I’m a cartoonist, I can do that. I’m asking a fantasy style illustrator to do absolutely NOTHING but email some artwork. I do NOT want anyone making custom art for this. Hopefully that was clear from the posting, but maybe not. I KNOW I have some students out there that have some art laying around worth hit ATTACH and SEND on their email programs.

    Also Jason, CartoonSmart gets millions of hits a year. Whoever I use for this will get more credit than you can imagine. The picture will get credited on the sales page, and heavily within the tutorial.

  4. Thanks for the Deviant links, I was originally going to surf there and find someone random, but I figured I’d first see if any blog readers had something laying around that they wanted seen. But yeah, I’ll probably start combing Deviant soon. These guys are amazing.

  5. jchat198 says:

    Not trying to be a stick-in-the-mud, but if you’re using someone’s artwork, they should be paid for it.

    All the best with the project

  6. Jason, I regularly post people’s artwork on this blog to share with others. I don’t ask for them to pay me (some blogs do exactly that though). But I also don’t offer to pay artists for featuring their previously made work.

    By posting no other artist’s work, nobody gains.

    By sharing another artist’s work, they gain in exposure, and I gain by having some new relevant content. But yeah, I’m “using” their work.

    A statement like “if you’re using someone’s artwork, they should be paid for it.” is the same as me saying “if I’m featuring someone’s work on my blog, I should be paid for it”

    By the way, your work is great. And my readers would probably appreciate seeing it… …I won’t send an invoice for that link either. =)

  7. Jay says:

    Back in the day I use to post some of my work in maybe you can get a board message to some of the talent on that site.

    I have some work but is not color is comic I did back in the day but is all black and white 😦


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