The Side-Scrolliest Comic Ever! And Beautifully Drawn!

Just got an email from Martin Hekker from, who wrote and illustrated this amazing comic series. And aside from how awesome the comic is, the presentation is excellent too. Pull and drag left to navigate through the comic. Okay, that doesn’t sound cool. But I like it a lot more than the page flip effect that a lot of web comics use. Try it out. Each issue has a soundtrack and wiki too.

A panel from Fight Evil With EvilA panel from Fight Evil With Evil


5 thoughts on “The Side-Scrolliest Comic Ever! And Beautifully Drawn!

  1. hi,

    i’m happy some people are reading it. otherwise it’s just me and the programmer in a dark room :)(

    that’s right: the flash is simply for the mp3 player. we, really the programmer Mike, made sure the comic itself was not programmed in flash, but uses lowly html for the sidescrolling. there is some preloading doohicky to pace the loading so that it is busy loading future panels. the downside is that on a slow connection or old computer, the comic is unreadable. so we are sacrificing a bit here. by far the best experience is on a fast computer, fast connection, and dual screens.

  2. Mike says:

    I can actually shed some light on how it was done since I programmed the site for Martin. The scrolling effect is implemented entirely with Javascript using the standard mouse click/drag handlers. The code itself needs a lot of cleanup but we think the effect is good and suits the comic’s format very well. The only flash on the page is the MP3 player at the top.

  3. Thanks Martin AND Mike for chiming in here! I figured that was Javascript, not Flash but wasn’t sure.

    And yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much about those grandma’s with dialup connections. I don’t think they are reading comics online anyway.=)

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