Super pump-up speech by Ralph Bakshi

Oops, I meant to post this two days ago, and as usual I forgot to actually check to make sure my computer did something after clicking something else. Anyway, below is a great interview tipped off to me by Elias Dancey. It comes from a Comic-Con panel with Ralph Bakshi. And like a wise old Jedi he’s got some nuggets of wisdom for us younger saber wielders.   After the interview, check out some of the related stuff Youtube has posted. Pretty wild, definitely some of it is racy. And sadly somewhere in my DVD collection there’s an unwatched copy of Wizards that I’ve had for probably a decade.   The first 40 seconds are skippable, but afterwards get ready to be schooled…

And again, thanks to Elias for showing me this. He’s got some awesome work of his own too. Here’s his Vimeo page and professional links: and


4 thoughts on “Super pump-up speech by Ralph Bakshi

  1. Caras says:


    Justin, I have followed you since the basement, which I still listen to my mp3’s by the way… I love your honesty and your ” I’m a real F#@%(#g person” attitude thank you for everything… I always look forward to the next lesson… I have to change the code into reusable classes afterward…LOL

    Thank you,

    was till comcast took it away without warning!!!!

  2. I’m glad I was in the room, front row and saw this in person. I was not expecting to watch this panel, but I stayed anyway and was surprised at how cool it was.

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