Bummer. New Flash CS5 Beta testing. Public that is.

Yay. Adobe emailed me today. Well not just me, a lot of other people too. I wish I were so privy-ledged. Official word is that the Flash CS5 Public Beta has been cancelled. Thats not a huge deal for me, because to be honest I’ve never actually gotten into testing any of Adobe’s stuff before, so it wasn’t really on my radar  (actually the whole CS5 Suite hadn’t crossed my mind recently either). I have been invited a few times to beta products I wasn’t that interested in, but obviously for this next version of Flash I would have jumped into my Beta suit with a NoDoz half down my throat and quad shot of espresso. Flash CS5  is a big deal for two reasons.

1. Hopefully it works terrifically because Flash CS4 crashed so much. Wait, that was a past tense usage of “crash”. It crashes. A lot.

2. The whole iPhone app export thing. I suspect the obvious, which is that, Adobe isn’t ready to unleash hell on the App Store yet. Or possibly Apple isn’t ready for that yet either. And what better way to screw things up then have thousands of developers submitting crap Apps.

Some good news today though, FlashMagazine.com emailed me this same news today (you can read a similar post to mine here) and tucked in their article was a link to update Flash CS4, which I don’t know how I missed before. But yeah, there’s a 10.0.2 . And what’s crazy to me is that the Adobe Updater  app is constantly in my face and I’ve never once seen this update. So either I already have it and just forgot I updated, or I’m just blind when it comes to that occasionally obnoxious Updater app. So anyway, just a reminder to anyone with CS4 to get that update. And hopefully in a few months Flash CS5 will the be the new coolness again.

Speaking of cancellations, whats up with me?

For the first time in probably 3 or 4 years, I’m definitely not releasing a tutorial within a 4-6 week span. I’m very, very busy finishing up an iPhone Game which I think is worth putting this much effort into. I’ve been at it for probably 2 months, and hopefully in a couple weeks will be done. I don’t want to talk about it too much until its really ready (and approved and in-store), but I will say this. I had to ask my wife to drive me around recently and get the car up to 60 mph to test this game at high speeds. That might make it sound a little too cool, but travel speed is definitely an aspect.

Also after this game is done, I can safely say, I will be teaching all future iPhone tutorials. The things I know how to do now, are outnumbering things I haven’t tried. And all those kind of “fundamentals” I had trouble with for months are long gone, and I think I can teach those to ya’ll in some ways that will make more sense than anything I’ve read in my training books. BUT (here comes the sell) that recent CartoonSmart tutorial which compared some Actionscript to Objective C is what kick-started me back into action. Then after that I hit the training books hard , and here’s a list of what I thought was worth buying book-wise.

Anyway, thats the news. And if anyone wants to comment below about Flash CS5, the iPhone, or Avatar, please do. Wait, where’d Avatar come from?? I’m seeing it in less than 3 hours. Rephrase that.  I mean, I’m going to see it in less than 3 hours. Apparently I’ll be watching the movie for 3 hours. And hopefully seeing new colors today.


8 thoughts on “Bummer. New Flash CS5 Beta testing. Public that is.

  1. “…And hopefully seeing new colors today.”

    Speed Racer, likes or dislikes aside, had that effect on me. Felt like I’d seen colors I’d never seen before. I’m trying to crank my expectations way down for Avatar because I really want to enjoy it. I fully expect the technical and artist aspects to be mind altering. That’s a given. If the story can keep pace…

    There I go again. The only certainty is that I’ll own the Blu-ray once it’s released.

    Enjoy, Justin!

  2. Oh the story more than kept up with the graphics. I was really digging it. I’m ready for Avatar 2 and 3. Be sure to see the 3d version.

    I have to admit I liked Speed Racer. Just needed to be shorter.

  3. Mind Altering indeed. Loved the story. I expected fantastic graphics but I don’t have words to describe just how unbelievably beautiful many of the scenes were. And I was totally unprepared for the depth and breadth of the world they’d create.

    Wonder just how many times I’ll end up seeing it.

  4. Yeah I saw twice in 36 hours, and could easily see it again. Maybe next time I’ll hoof it to an iMax theater.

    And yeah totally agreed on the beauty, but then at times its like a good ol’ R-rated Cameron action movie. Great mix.

  5. This is such a bad decision to no regard to those reasons are necessary. At least I see Pixologic companies in the development zbrush3.5 and zbrush4.0 time is not the case, they are active and user feedback was really great! Now zbrush is very cool, by everyone’s favorite. Even a lot of customers eager to buy their pirated the official version.
    BUG in CS4 is not just a lot of adobe. You look at the bones of its tools, like a toy. I have a great passion, but I regret to buy CS4. It cut into my work, I have also been damaged files. It even turns the lower version. Fla sometimes will prompt “format other than” Oh, very disappointed. Such a mistake. The other I will not say. Most errors are in the document produced under AS3. Hope that the adobe’s decision is correct, do not let the user feel CS5 be disappointed. We end up, how many will support the final version, to see whether it is worth we buy?
    12/18/2009 This hotfix for Flash CS4 Professional 10.0.2,Download the Macintosh Hotfix 。PC?
    Oh, my God! I am a PC user.
    MOHO in this case want to take a look at the bones and the skeleton flashCS4! No language can be said!

  6. Eddie says:

    Can’t believe there is an update to CS4 out there – and for so long – why didn’t Adobe Updater pick it up? Anyway is it CS4 better now? I gave up and went back to CS3 especially as it was so much faster…
    Oh well – not an iphone person so wont be getting CS5 unless they throw in an iphone for those that upgraded and wasted their money on CS4

  7. I hear ya Eddie, I’m a bit puzzled too why my Adobe Updater never picked up on the Flash update. I haven’t noticed any difference yet, although I haven’t used Flash that much in the past couple weeks either. But with the little I have done, no crashes. Fingers crossed.

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