The first CartoonSmart student work of the year is…

…done by Wayne Wilson, who you can probably reach through YouTube if you want to get in touch with him for whatever reason. He just sent over this link to a great piece done to celebrate the new year. Take a look below, he did the music and animation, which I hope sets the right tone for the new decade. Hopefully it will be as funky and light.


4 thoughts on “The first CartoonSmart student work of the year is…

  1. Jay says:

    I am a student too… have a question I have tried this before is there an easier way to sync music with art than to go through frame by frame and know where the beat is?


    Great Animation

  2. Wayne Wilson says:

    Thanks, Jay!
    I imported the sound so I could see the sound track on the timeline. I used it as a visual guide for the first few beats, and came up with a number of frames per beat to use as a rough guide for the rest.
    I would draw, go back to the beginning (so the synch would be correct), and try playing it back to see how picture and sound worked together. Then I would add or delete a frame or two and go back and play it again.
    I had to imagine the feel I wanted before I started drawing. Also, I left the middle section un-synched for a change of pace. Also, it gives the animator a rest from following the beat.
    I hope this helps you out!

  3. Jay says:

    That is what I figure and is basically how I did one a few years back. (It took me forever)

    Thanks for the info …. Good work.


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