Does anyone want to hear me on the phone?

…Cuz if so, you don’t even have to call and hang up anymore,  The other night I did an hour long phone interview with Chris Corinthian at his JUST launched site . Chris is a great guy and just started this membership site for Photoshop tutorials, interviews (like the one I did) and more. We mostly talked about freelancing tips although depending on much he edited off the end, you might get to hear what movies are in my collection. =)


2 thoughts on “Does anyone want to hear me on the phone?

  1. There will always be a demand for quality content, I learned that from you. Yet there is a law of supply and demand and Lynda charges far less than mr. Corinthian. . in my opinion is a very long shot.

    Nevertheless I wish him good luck.

  2. Yea…I know about Lynda’s tutorials. But I’m cooler! Just kidding, I know that they have TONS of great tutorials & I even picked up some tips from them many many moons ago.

    There are people who said they have been enjoying it.

    Thanks for the good luck too! 😉

    Hey, I just posted the interview for ALL to listen to Jay! This may be something that your subscribers want to hear. By Sunday, I’ll probably take the post down & put it back in the Premium Members area.


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