Gratuitous Pixelation

Man. I never thought I’d see pixel art get that dirty. I need to clean my eyes with a perfectly square kleenex. The director (and animator?) Jeremie Perin did an excellent job with everything but the content. The pacing and framing in this 8-bit styled masterpiece are actually very non-8-bit. I’ve seen plenty of video game style animation before but most were staged entirely on top of your typical 2D side-scrolling background and looked like the intro chic-punching sequence to Double Dragon. Unexciting basically. This piece is far from boring.  Unfortunately I just can’t directly link to this piece. It starts okay but goes beyond not-safe-for-work. I’ll link to things on this blog that are somewhat risque if they are artistically sound. And I was ready to give this animation that same hall-pass, until I watched the last minute where it just goes over the top. If you have a hard time counting how many times something goes out OR in a butthole, there’s a good chance you’ll be losing some of your audience. And I don’t know how you submit your demo reel to a company like Pixar with- well, you can see if you want.  I’ll still pop up some screengrabs because it is very well done and if you wanna dirty up your morning  find “Flairs – Truckers Delight” on your favorite search engine.


One thought on “Gratuitous Pixelation

  1. Animation and style wise that was pretty awesome. Content wise it seems like something that came out of a 13 year old boy’s mind who just found a dirty magazine.

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