I finally downloaded Flash Catalyst…and it is good

After months of being on the to-download list, I finally installed the 2nd Beta of Flash Catalyst and its pretty darn cool.  I think one good indication that software is well done is whether or not someone can just begin using it without any help. And okay,  I’ve got a little leg up on Adobe’s way of doing things from all my years with Flash, but I think what I did in the first 5 minutes of using Catalyst could be figured out by someone with zero Flash experience in maybe 15 minutes. If you wanna give yourself a quick test run with the program, try this…

  1. Install the Beta (if you haven’t yet, go ahead and start quitting every fun application you’re already running)
  2. Import a layered file from Photoshop (File > Import > .psd)  This will be Page 1 for your site.
  3. Duplicate that State (look top right of the program in the Pages/States row).

Okay now you’re on your own. Try to make one element from the PSD be a button which on-click will transition from page 1 to page 2 and animate some changes between the two states. You’ll need to Publish at the end to test it out (File> Run Project). And if you do figure this out, you’ll stumble into a lot of the other potential interactions and possibilities with Catalyst, which look very promising. And easy to use!

I ran the course in about 5 minutes, see if you can do better. =)


2 thoughts on “I finally downloaded Flash Catalyst…and it is good

  1. When I first found out about Catalyst at a Flash conference I attended all I could think is “Oh crap, this is going to put me out of a job.” because now anyone with basic design knowledge can create interactive Flash media. Now I’ve learned to embrace the software because in the technology field if you can’t learn to adapt to changing software you’ll be left in the dust. The interface is a bit too clunky and cookie-cutter for my liking, but it’s still decent software.

  2. Yeah it definitely won’t replace Flash, because it’s fairly limited but for some quick show n tell projects it could be real nice. They could have just called it Flash Lite if they hadn’t already used that name.

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