Check out this really cool Flash game

You can watch some of the gameplay and storymode scenes of RocketBirds Revolution by RatLoop below…

…Or better yet, just play some of the first level here. This is one of those rare Flash games that really shows off what’s possible with the software and (I’m assuming) a small team of talent. But who knows, this could have been done by one crazy kid in his parent’s basement. I’ll try to investigate this further and see who Ratloop really is.

Update:  Typing in solved the mystery.


5 thoughts on “Check out this really cool Flash game

  1. Jay says:

    Very nice …. Justin are you going to teach something like this soon?

    I want to see a sports game in flash something like soccer 5 on 5 or Hockey or basketball.

    I am working on a flash game like Double Dribble but is far from done.


  2. vishal says:

    Holy Sh*t! That is awesome! That is probably the coolest flash game i have EVER seen.

    A tutorial, on planning and coding a game like that – Now that’s worth some cash!

    Awesome stuff Justin! Thanks for sharing


  3. Tyler says:

    Nice, its a very graphically impressive game and runs surprisingly well for not taking advantage of any GPU acceleration. The one thing they really need to improve though is the way you switch rooms, maybe I am just missing one of the goals of the genre, but I would prefer a straight up side scroller without the rooms having to “change” where you go out one side and come in another.

  4. FREED says:

    Would definitely pay to learn how to code something like this. I agree on the rooms. This game could be much better if it was straight up action.

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