That phone interview I did is now available free!

You can download it or play it online for a limited time by going to . And yeah, its a loooong call,  over an hour, but I think I had some decent things to say about freelancing.  Particularly if you wanna know why I think Twitter is the new Adwords.



4 thoughts on “That phone interview I did is now available free!

  1. banjar says:

    Good interview, lots of good tips. Thanks.

    But why be apologetic about watching Julie and Julia? It is a great flick. Meryl Streep ought to get an Oscar for that one.

  2. banjar says:

    Why are the best chefs men? And Julie and Julia wasn’t a cooking movie. It was a overview of a great woman who actually made a positive change in society.

    Rattatouie was disgusting. Rats are nasty critters.

    Anyway, Justin, you did a great interview. Thanks again.

  3. I still haven’t seen the last half of Julia but I want to. My sister took the movie before I finished it. Pretty sure the first half was about cooking though =)

    And yeah, I felt the same about Ratta-whatever. Rats are gross. Rats near food is even worse. I’ll take the Secret of Nimh over that movie any day.

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