Is HTML5 on par with late 1970’s special fx

See for yourself. Here’s a very well done re-do of the classic Star Wars scroll using HTML5. Notice that once it gets scrolling you can select the text.  Its also interesting to view the source code too. It looks like this short bit below formats and animates a lot of the text…

#crawl {
		font-family:FGD, sans-serif;
		-webkit-animation:crawl 120s linear;
		-webkit-animation-iteration-count: 1;

I guess I have to learn some HTML5 eh.

Star Wars: Episode Nerd


6 thoughts on “Is HTML5 on par with late 1970’s special fx

  1. I clicked the link in FireFox and it requested to store data on my computer. After I agreed it was just the background image with no text. In IE 7.0.5730 all of the text is visible on the screen at the same time and nothing moves. Possibly some bugs in the code?

  2. You might need the latest version of Firefox. My buddy who showed it to me mentioned that Safari needed to be the latest version.

    As for IE, who knows. They rarely support the emerging standards like this.

  3. Hey, I’m glad you like it. It isn’t mentioned in the page itself, but as I explained in my blog post, the CSS 3D transforms I used only work in the latest version of Safari on Snow Leopard (it’s my understanding that they use hardware acceleration that’s only available on SL.)

    As for the request to store data, it’s because I’m using HTML5’s app cache to explicitly tell the browser to cache the images, font and music, to try to save some bandwidth. It consumes a lot of it, mostly because of the music.

  4. Hey thanks for stopping by Guillermo, its always nice to hear back from some of the developers whose work gets linked up here.

    Interesting to know this was Safari only. Have you heard anything about when Firefox or IE will get on board?

  5. Okay, thanks for the info on Safari. Thought maybe it was just was my work computer since we’re not allowed to install updates sans IT’s approval. I tried it at home where I have the latest versions of Chrome, FF, and IE and it still didn’t work. Guess I’ll need to get Safari.

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