The prognosticator of prognosticators on the iBook, er, iPad

Check out what my buddy John wrote back in April 17, 2009 about Apple and a possible tablet…

His prediction


Today’s actual ipad specs

He nailed quite a lot. Even the price being more like $400 instead of the much predicted $1000. And while some folks back in April were saying Apple wasn’t even considering making a tablet, he was dreaming up the accessories…

"Thanks for the ideas John!" - Steve

Anyway, so who of my readers is going into further debt in a couple months to get an iPad?   I’m already standing in line.


6 thoughts on “The prognosticator of prognosticators on the iBook, er, iPad

  1. Tyler says:

    I’ll be in line, it’s the perfect device for school, and not really a bad price, I’ve been considering netbooks in this range but this surpasses all of them. The lack of integrated MS office could be an issue, but I’m sure the online version will work fine. The best question is who will be the first to jailbreak!

  2. vishal says:

    I will definitely be in line. I have been looking for a device that will basically allow me to surf the web, watch movies, listen to music and function as an ereader. And the iPad seems like it would fit the bill perfectly.

    I dont see this as a laptop replacement at all and I honestly dont think Apple was pitching it as such (I have read some comments where people seem to think they were)

  3. Yeah its not a laptop, more like a half-top. I don’t remember seeing much about opening/saving files, like a text document. So when it comes down to real business, you probably gotta crack open a real computer. Of course Apple wouldn’t want to kill their entire line of laptops with a tablet.

    And yeah Tyler, the jail-brokenness is imminent!

  4. Tylor Skory says:

    Yeah, I’m still trying to decide (I think my morning I will be about 90% there, and by the afternoon 100%). It looks really nice for just taking around with you and throwing in your bag. Looking forward to getting my hands on one and testing it out.

  5. So will this be a Kindle killer? Looks like it can do everything the Kindle can do except 1000x more. This may convert all the Mac haters as well. Personally I’m a PC user, but all computers are the same to me, just have to adjust to a different UI and have to replace parts when they die.

  6. Yeah it should deal a blow to the Kindle. Its clearly not a replacement for a laptop though. But among e-readers, it looks like a King.

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