Mac & Flash users, an update to the evil blank test movie window

Wow,  I’m downloading this update now…

Adobe Flash CS4 Professional 10.0.2 Hotfix

…and REALLY hope this finally fixes a problem thats plagued some of us Adobe Flash on the Mac users. Its a whooping 140 MB update, so this isn’t just an update to Flash Player. Okay, Safari, I must shut you down to install this…. see you on the other side, brother.

Anddddd, success. I’ve been working on a project tonight that was constantly doing that, and its fine now. Okay. Saga over. By the way, I noticed this issue only affected 4 Core and 8 Core Mac Pro Desktops. I’d love to know what percentage of Flash users that is, because this has been a major annoyance since Flash 10 came out, which was a while ago now.  Especially for certain video-based training instructors that like to publish often and not have to shut down their screen capture software to edit out all the times a blank publish window appeared.


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